Comet SWAN
Source:  NASA

Cosmic Snowball
Comet SWAN is a cosmic sensation.  Forbes magazine calls it
The Comet of the Year.  And, it should be visible in the northern hemisphere this week.  Comets aren't rare in our skies, but this one is.  The reason:  it is so exceptionally bright and beautiful to view. It put on some significant light shows in the Southern Hemisphere.

Comet Danger Zone
Comets are cosmic snowballs of frozen gas, rock and dust that orbit the Sun. SWAN is expected to be visible in pre-dawn, twilight hours in the northern hemisphere this week.  However, it is starting to stray into what's called the "danger zone" for comets as they get closer to the Sun.  And that is the zone where comets are famous for precipitously dimming out. Nonetheless, you might want to keep "your eyes to the skies".

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