Three New Versions of Fire Tablet
Source:  Amazon Fire Tablet

Designed for the Whole Family & Their Budget
Here's interesting new technology that Amazon just rolled out.
Today, Amazon launched three new and upgraded versions of its Fire Tablet.  The new Fire has longer battery life, more storage and faster performance.  The pricing is set at a very competitive level starting at $89.99  The tablet is designed for the whole family with a special version for kids.  It is budget friendly and likely will trigger a new tablet war among tech giants.

Available Online
The new lineup includes the "all new" Fire HD 8 with 32 GB of internal storage, the Fire HD 8 Plus with wireless charging embedded and the Fire HD 8 Kids.  The new tablets will be available online for pre-order and will start shipping on June 3.

Amazon and Apple 
The Fire line of tablets were launched as Kindle Fire in 2011.
They were viewed as a contender against Apple and its dominance in the tablet market.  These new Fire tablets are considerably less
expensive than the current iPad Mini that starts at $399.

New Tablet Tech
The base Fire Tablet model has an 8 inch HD screen, 30% faster performance than the previous model, 12 hours of battery life and many entertainment apps.  It comes with 6 months worth of Kindle Unlimited books available to read.  The Kids version costs $139.99 and offers 20,000 kid-friendly books.  Amazon is backing the products up with a 2 year warranty if the device should break.

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