Tesla Roadster SpaceX Package

Source:  Tesla Roadster

"Full-On James Bond"
SpaceX & Tesla CEO Elon Musk has combined the best technologies from his space company and from his electric car company and is incorporating them into his next generation Tesla Roadster.  The electric sportscar is equipped with rocket thrusters including the main one behind the license place.  Musk calls the Roadster's SpaceX package: "It's like full-on James Bond." 

Part Car - Part Rocket
The SpaceX Tesla Roadster is due out in 2022.  The SpaceX package option include cold air thrusters.  In Musk's words, he's using ultra high pressure compressed air. "It's a cold gas thruster.  The main thruster is behind the license plate.  For acceleration, it drops the license plate and behind the plate is a rocket thruster."

Musk has been saying that the new Roadster will go 0 to 60 mph in 1.9 seconds with a battery range of 620 miles.  He is working on improving those impressive specs.  Apparently, he is including several thrusters around the car.  The main one is behind the license plate.  Some will be on the sides of the car to help it take corners more smoothly.  And other thrusters will point up for additional down-force during acceleration, according to Musk.

Future of Driving
As always, Musk's engineering genius and tech creativity are fascinating as he creates new breakthrough technologies for space travel and electric vehicle travel.  Now, he is bridging some of those technologies into the next-G Roadster.  The SpaceX Roadster package sounds perfect for racetrack driving.  But Musk has much bigger plans to incorporate this highly advanced technology into the 2022 Roadster for consumers, providing all of us with a new drive that only James Bond himself has enjoyed.  This is an intriguing look at the very near future of driving.  And, you have to wonder could this new technology be part of and enable a different and faster accelerating generation of flying cars?  Musk hasn't revealed his plans on that.



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