Astronomers Find It in Deep Space

Source:  ALMA

The Wolfe Disk
Astronomers have discovered a massive disk galaxy deep in the universe.  It is almost as old as the universe itself at 12.5 billion years old.  The universe is believed to be 13.8 billion years.  It's called the Wolfe Disk and is yet another wonder in space just unveiled by astronomers, who are baffled by its very existence.  

The Galaxy That Shouldn't Be
What's intriguing is that astronomers say the Wolfe Disk shouldn't exist and shouldn't be where it is in deep space.  Those statements are based on astronomers' current understanding of galaxies.  Their
key question is: how did such a well formed rotating disk galaxy 
form at a time of chaos in space?  A time when galaxies formed during violent collisions and chaotic mergers. 

Created in a Different Way
The astronomers believe the Wolfe Disk was created and grew in a very different way.  They theorize that it grew through the steady accretion of cold gas, which built its well formed rotating disk.  They're calling it the cold method of galaxy formation.

Wolfe Disk is the most distant rotating disk galaxy ever observed.  It was spotted by the Atacame group of massive telescopes, known as ALMA, in Chile.  Wolfe Disk has a mass that is 70 billion times bigger than that of the Sun and rotates at 170 miles per second.  It is quite a celestial find. 

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