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Portable, in the Field Gadget, for Healthy Plants & Spot Disease

First of its Kind Device to Detect Plant Disease in Minutes A new, smartphone powered device detects disease in plants.  For the first time, plant disease can be detected by a portable device, used by a farmer in the field and the analysis is done on the spot within minutes.  Up until now, plant analysis had to be done in a lab and that could take days or weeks.  This smartphone powered device reads gas concentrations in a plant in the farm field real-time. That analysis tells farmers that they are dealing with the presence of disease in plants and that they should take action.
Portable, Down on the Farm Device This significant innovation was developed by a team at North Carolina State University.  The device is designed to attach to a farmer's smart phone above the phone's camera for quick crop analysis.  This real-time turnaround is  important to detect plant disease in order to limit the spread of it and the…

Smart Tractor Trailer Driving

AI Controls Trucks

Pelotin System: One Driver Driving Two Trucks Simultaneously with AI
This is a L4 Automated Following System from Pelotin Technology that lets a driver control multiple trucks at the same time. The company says it is more energy efficient and safer.  This may be the future of tractor trailers on the road thanks to a lot of hi-tech. The concept is that big rigs are safer together with a lot of artificial intelligence behind them.

Leading Edge Tech
This truck technology is leading edge and relies on a  lot of communications, technologies and algorithms. For example, radar based active brakes, vehicle communications, and specialized vehicle controlled algorithms. A human is driving the front truck, that controls with the enabled technology the truck behind. This is new tech on the cutting edge.

Solar Powered Sail Orbiting Earth

Solar Sailing in Space - LightSail 2

Promising New Solar Innovation for Space Travel
This green energy technology has the potential to be disruptive innovation. It's a solar powered sail invented through the non-profit Planetary Society in California, led by the Science Guy Bill Nye.  The LightSail 2 CubeSat spacecraft successfully deployed its solar sail to get propulsion in space a few days ago.  It's the first spacecraft to be propelled by sunlight alone.  This is very important science because the use of solar sails to convert solar wind into thrust could save fuel for spacecrafts on long space missions.

Solar Sailing
The small spacecraft is the size of a toaster.  It was hurled into space aboard a Space X Falcon Heavy rocket in late June.  A few days ago, flight controllers on the ground in California fully deployed the solar sail from the CubeSat into space.  The sail is the size of a boxing ring and the system is orbiting the Earth solely on the power of the sun.  This sy…

Important Innovations Collection: NASA 21 Whole New Worlds

NASA's TESS Planet Hunter

Historic Mission and Historic Discoveries
With just a year in space, NASA's TESS planet hunting spacecraft has discovered 21 brand new worlds outside of our solar system, 850 potential exoplanets and 6 supernovas.  NASA says this is beyond their wildest expectations. Having explored the southern sky, TESS is now going to check out the northern sky. For a great news blog on this historic mission, go to
Important Innovations Collection: NASA 21 Whole New Worlds: NASA Spacecraft TESS Discoveries Source:  NASA Planet Hunter Extraordinary NASA's planet hunter TESS spacecraft - Transiting Exo...

DARPA's Squad X

Pairing Marines with Robots in the Field

Man & Machines on the Frontline
The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA - uses AI and  autonomous robots and drones to gather information for soldiers in the field about their surroundings.  The purpose is to eliminate what's historically been called "the fog of war" meaning the uncertainty of the soldier's surroundings - enemies lurking inside of buildings, exploding devices on the ground, etc.

Fog of War
DARPA has been testing the Squad X system, which is multifaceted.  Aerial drones and mobile robots on the ground provide surveillance of the soldier's surroundings.  Artificial intelligence processes the information and provides what's relevant to the soldier on their Android device.  The program is designed to provide superior situational awareness.  The systems currently being tested don't involve the capacity to fire weapons.  It provides information and allows the soldiers …

Important Innovations Collection: Sony's Wearable Air Conditioner

Wearable Cools in Summer and Warms in Winter

Reon Pocket by Sony
This new device would have been very handy this hot summer.  The Reon Pocket is a wearable device that's smaller than your smartphone.  Designed to be worn on your back in a special tee-shirt, the gadget cools you in the summer and warms you in the winter. Sony expects to launch the personal temperature device in 2020, most likely in time for the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics.  For a great news blog, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Sony's Wearable Air Conditioner: Smart Phone Controlled Source:  Sony's Reon Pocket Reon Pocket - Cools In Summer and Warms in Winter This is an innovative gadge...

Mercedes EQS Electric Cars

Spied on the Road

Mercedes Technological Flagship
The Mercedes EQS Electric car is being called breakthrough Mercedes technology.  It's the next generation, S Class, 2021 fully electric vehicle that should be available for purchase sometime in 2020.  It will be the first car to use Mercedes' new MEA platform that is specifically designed for electric cars.  This vehicle is so highly anticipated that it's a big deal that it was spotted on the road in a camouflaged version as reported  by Car and Driver magazine.


The specifics on the EQS are few but the vehicle is expected to have a 300 mile range and all wheel drive.  In the rear there's a hatchback and the interior will be open and expansive. The EQS will be branded as Mercedes' technological flagship.  So it will showcase advanced technologies including brand new, semiautonomous features.  No word on price or the exact date in 2020 when it goes on sale.

UN Warns of Greenland Icemelt

Europe's Record Smashing Heat Threatens Greenland Ice Sheet

World's Second Largest Ice Sheet Melting
Europe has been sweltering under a heat wave that has smashed temperature records.  The heat wave is now travelling toward Greenland.  The United Nations is warning that the world's second largest ice sheet is in the cross-hairs of extremely hot air and threatened.

Smashing Ice
The UN is warning that the hot air headed to Greenland is "absolutely incredible".  It's been moving up from North Africa this summer to Europe.  Temperatures in parts of Europe have hit record highs and surpassed them by 2, 3, 4 degrees Celsius, which is incredible.  That mass of hot air is now travelling northward to Greenland.

Global Climate System
The US is warning of high temperatures in Greenland and increased melting of the ice sheet.  They think it could result in record low ice levels, at or below levels set in 2012.  Greenland's ice sheet is a key part of the global climate sy…

Important Innovations Collection: Hyperloop's Boring Co. Raises Millions

Elon Musk's Boring Company - Hyperloops and Loops

Successful Round of Funding
There is nothing boring about Elon Musk's Boring Company. The entrepreneur plans to revolutionize transportation with a series of underground vacuum tubes for his Hyperloop and also his Loop system.  He just raised $117 million in funding from investors to advance his plans which include systems in LA, DC, Chicago and elsewhere.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Hyperloop's Boring Co. Raises Millions: Successful New Round of Funding Source:  Boring Company CEO Alon Musk Plans for LA, Chicago, Baltimore and More Elon Musk's Bori...

New Bandage Speeds Healing

Invention by Scientists at Harvard and McGill Universities

Fast Healing from Hydrogel Bandage
Time heals all wounds but this new bandage does it faster.  It's an algae inspired, hydrogel bandage that heals wounds without any antibiotics.  It was created by a team of scientists at Harvard University working with a team at McGill University.  They say it's a scalable approach, meaning it can be quickly ramped up for manufacturing and distribution.  The heat-responsive hydrogel accelerates healing with no side effects.

Silver Nanoparticles
The bandage mimics embryonic fluid and even heals chronic wounds.  The active adhesive dressing  contains an alginate hydrogel with silver nanoparticles.  The bandage adheres firmly to the skin but can be adjusted for more flexibility around joints. The bioinspired wound dressing contracts in response to body heat and speeds healing,

Important Innovations Collection: SpaceX Starhopper Test Success

Starhopper Tests Successfully

Prototype Vehicle for Elon Musk's Starship
Space X CEO Elon Musk scored another win today.  His Starhopper prototype spacecraft was successfully tested and lifted off 65 feet.  Within a week, Musk says he'll test again and is targeting a height of 650 feet.  This is the prototype vehicle of Starship which Musk intends to use for trips to the Moon and Mars.  For a great news blog, go to
Important Innovations Collection: SpaceX Starhopper Test Success: Win for SpaceX's Elon Musk Source:  Space X Starhopper Next Generation Spacecraft "Water towers can fly!"  That's ...

2020 Olympics Spectacular Tech

Toyota Showcasing Autonomous Technology & Much More

Tokyo 2020 Olympics for Athletes and Latest Technology
For the Tokyo 2020 Olympics a big crowd pleaser will be the technology deployed.  The official game mascots are two adorable robots - Miraitowa and Someity, just unveiled at Toyota headquarters in Japan  The humanoid "meeters and greeters" are programmed to show facial expressions as they greet athletes and fans.

New Automated Helpers
Toyota and Panasonic are teaming up to develop automated helpers for the games.  Besides the official mascots, there will be field support robots to help officials at throwing events by retrieving javelins and hammers from competitions.  Robots with cameras will broadcast live action and give fans a sense of virtual reality emersion in the Games. Fans will be able to interact with the athletes remotely with a new telepresence technology.  And, Toyota will use AI and self driving technology to move people and goods around the Games.


Important Innovations Collection: Very Smart Coffee Table

One of a Kind New Gadget

Smart Coffee Table that's an Entertainment Center
You might call this new innovation, Coosno, party central in your living room.  It's a smart coffee table that contains a refrigerator, stereo sound system, charging stations and more.  It is futuristic, smart furniture that is intriguing.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Very Smart Coffee Table: Entertainment Center in Your Living Room Refrigerator, Music, LED Light s The Coosno is called the world's first lifting coffee tab...

Smart Wearable Device for Dogs

Tracks Your Pet's Location and Their Health

Whistle Wearables
These new gadgets, The Whistle Go and Whistle Explore, help you keep track of your pet's health and location simultaneously.  The device provides location alerts, real time tracking, fitness features, escape alerts from their space and health monitoring.  The battery lasts ten days and the device is waterproof.  It may be Fido's new best friend for protection.

GPS Tracking
These devices have real-time GPS tracking.  The Whistle Explore is designed for athletic, outdoor dogs that run longer distances in rural locations and rugged environments.

Whistle Go
Whistle Go is designed for more typical dogs that stay closer to home.  It has GPS but it also monitors your dog's behavior like scratching and sleeping.  It also has an updated app system including weekly heat maps, the dog's daily trips and the progress that your pet is making toward health goals.  It's a new digital way to pamper your pet.

Important Innovations Collection: Noninvasive Mind Controlled Robotic Arm

World 1st: Mind Controlled Robotic Arm with No Brain Implant or Surgery

Noninvasive Brain Computer Interface
This is breakthrough innovation from engineers at Carnegie Mellon University.  They've invented an electrode cap that senses the wearer's thoughts.  The Brain Computer Interface system is so sophisticated it controls a robotic arm to continuously track and follow a moving cursor on the computer screen.  For a great news blog, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Noninvasive Mind Controlled Robotic Arm: Mind Over Matter with No Surgery Source:  Carnegie Mellon University Electrode Cape A new, noninvasive electrode cap - a brain compu...

Important Innovations Collection: Sustainable Lunar Bases - Lunar Soil

Important Space Research:  Sustainable Energy for Lunar Bases

European Space Agency's Lunar Bricks
This is important space research from the European Space Agency ESA.  Space bricks composed of the surface of the Moon that can store lunar energy and then convert it into electricity and heat.  The team at the ESA are developing this and think it will enable human habitation of the Moon and beyond by eventually using local resources on the Moon.  For more details, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane, at
Important Innovations Collection: Sustainable Lunar Bases - Lunar Soil: Human Bases on the Moon Powered by Available Lunar Materials Source:  Stock Image of  Future Lunar Bases Fascinating Research by the E...

Toyota Teams Up to Create Affordable EVs

Toyota and China's BYD Team-Up

Affordable, Electric Battery Powered Vehicles
The collaborations in the global electric and self-driving automotive market are unrelenting.  Toyota just announced a partnership with China's BYD, an electric automaker, to develop electric vehicles and the batteries to power them.  The industry partnerships are designed to help speed the development of new technologies into the market and to share the very high R&D costs.

Compact Crossover in 2020

Toyota and BYD's goal is to develop electric vehicles that are affordable to mass populations.   They are targeting both electric sedans and SUVs.   The vehicles will be sold under the Toyota brand by 2025.  Batteries are needed by Toyota to reach its new goals.  It wants half of its global sales from electric vehicles, including gasoline hybrids, by 2025.  That's five years ahead of schedule. 

Zero Emissions Market
Massive competition has developed among automakers in the zero emissions market beca…

Important Innovations Collection: New Drone Flies Twice as Long

Ring Drone Flies Double the Time of Conventional Models

New Innovation from Switzerland
A Swiss scientist has created a new ring shaped drone that operates for double the time of conventional models.  It's also more energy efficient.  It's small and potentially of great use for inspections of hard to reach and fragile areas of buildings and other structures.  It's called Flybotix  and is very interesting new innovation.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: New Drone Flies Twice as Long: Ring Shaped, Bicopter Drone Source:  EPFL - Samir Bouabdallah & his Ring Drone Flybotix This new, novel drone Flybotix can fly t...

BMW Autonomous Car Center in China

Computing Center for Data Collection

Partnering with Tencent
BMW and Chinese gaming giant Tencent are opening a computing center in China to gather and process the data generated by self-driving cars on China's roads.  The automotive giant says this will enable them to develop and innovate self-driving technologies specifically suited for driving conditions in China.  This is the second facility of its kind for BMW.   In 2016, they opened a center in Munich specifically geared to German self-driving prototypes.

BMW on the Road in China
BMW is the only non-Chinese automaker that's been given permission to test autonomous technologies on public roads in China.  The computing center will be built in eastern China.  BMW says it will use cloud computing to quickly and safely gather the data.  BMW plans to launch its first Level 3 autonomous cars in 2021 including in China.

Important Innovations Collection: Tattoos that Monitor Health

Tattoo Health Technology

Tattoo Dermal Sensors that Monitor Health
Scientists at Germany's Technical University of Munich have invented a tattoo with specially designed ink that monitors the bloodstream for specific conditions such as rising or dropping glucose levels in a diabetic.  The tattoos change color if there is a changing level of specific metabolic substances.  For a news blog with more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Tattoos that Monitor Health: Dermal Sensors Source:  German's Technical University of Munich Tattoo Health Technology Dermal sensors, that are essentially per...

Prague's Robotic Bartenders

Mixing It Up for Customers

Two Robotic Bartender Megaclubs in Czech Republic
It's called the Karlovy Lazne Music Club in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic.  Two years after introducing their first robotic DJ, the megaclub now has a robotic bartender to mix up cocktails for the clubbers.

Robotic Drinks
The cocktail menu is impressive.  16 different mixed drinks can be ordered by touchscreen terminals.  Everything is programmed so the drinks should be exactly to order.  The bartender is two robotic arms strategically situated below a mass of liquor bottles.  The robot can churn out 80 drinks an hour.

Robot Saloon
Elsewhere in Prague, there is The Cyberdog.  The big star there is the robotic bartender who mixes up drinks ordered through a phone app.  Not only does the robotic arm mix drinks.  It opens bottles of wine and pours four glasses at a time.  It lifts the glasses onto a tray that travels overhead to the customers' table and downloads the drinks for them to grab.

Robots in …

Important Innovations Collection: India Going for the Moon

India Going to the Moon

Second Lunar Mission
On Monday, July 22 India plans to launch a rocket to the Moon.  By mid September it's scheduled to land on the Moon's South Pole, which is unexplored territory.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: India Going for the Moon: Second Lunar Mission in a Year Source:  NASA image of the Moon To Explore Moon's South Pole - Unchartered Territory India is gea...

Incredible, Wearable Smart Bracelet

Get - A Very Smart  Gadget

Receive Phone Calls Without Answering the Phone Get is a high tech bracelet developed using bone conduction technology.  It passes audio through the bones in your wrist.  The bracelet decodes sound waves and converts them into vibration. The gadget enables you to take phone calls without pushing a button on your phone, listen to audio and test messages and make payments.  All of these functions while tracking your physical activity, health, biometrics hydration and sleep. It was invented by a team in Turin Italy.  They say it's a hybrid solution between a smartwatch and smart bands.
Phone Calls The wearable device has the functionality of a smartwatch with a lot more.  You can leave your smartphone in your pocket.  You take phone calls by simply touching your finger to your ear.  All commands to the device are made by voice and gesture.  There are no screens or buttons.  An hour charge powers the wearable bracelet for five days.  It's an extraordinary s…

Scientific Idea to Prevent Disastrous South Pole Icemelt

Dumping Trillions of Tons of Artificial Snow on the South Pole Ice Shelf

New Scientific Study & Novel Recommendations International scientists have just released a study with an approach they believe could prevent a disastrous meltdown of the West Antarctic Ice Shelf at the South Pole.  The approach is novel. They want to dump 8 trillion tons of artificial snow on the ice shelf over the course of ten year.
12,000 Wind Turbines The scientists would use 12,000 wind turbines to pump seawater up to the surface where it would be frozen into snow.  Their theory is that the artificial snow would weigh down the ice shelf enough to stop it from collapsing.  According to the co-author of the report Anders Levermann of Germany's Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, "we are at the point of no return if we don't do anything."  The study was just published in the journal Science Advances.
Coastal Cities in Danger Levermann, who is a physicist and oceanographer affiliate…

Indonesia to Produce Electric Vehicles

Targets 2022 to Start EV Production 

Big Automakers Investing
Indonesia plans to start producing electric vehicles by 2022.  Companies like Toyota and Hyundai are expressing interest in building EV plants.  In fact, Toyota has committed to investing $2 billion over the next five years.  Part of the money will be used for electric vehicle production.

Rich Resources for EVs
Indonesia has the opportunity to exploit the country's rich supply of nickel laterite ore, that's used to make lithium batteries.  The country is offering tax holidays for companies funding electric vehicles.
Indonesia is already Southeast Asia's 2nd largest car production center.  The government is aiming to have electric vehicles at 20% of their national car production by 2025.

Important Innovations Collection: Preventing Antarctic Ice Shelf Meltdown

Preventing West Antarctic Ice Shelf Meltdown

Novel Approach - Tons of Artificial Snow and Thousands of Wind Turbines
A team of international scientists just released a study and a series of recommendations to prevent what would be a disastrous meltdown of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.  They recommend using 12,000 wind turbines to pump seawater up to the surface, convert it into artificial snow and let trillions of tons of the snow fall onto the surface of the ice sheet.  For a news blog with details on this novel approach, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Preventing Antarctic Ice Shelf Meltdown: Dumping Trillions of Tons of Artificial Snow on the South Pole Ice Shelf Source:  West Antarctic Ice Shelf New Scientific Study &...

Smart, Remote-Controlled Lifesaver

Dolphin 1 Smart Lifebuoy

Smart, Moving Rescue Gadget Goes to Swimmers in Distress
The new innovation, the Dolphin 1 Smart Lifebuoy, is remotely controlled to reach a swimmer in distress and bring them into shore safely.  The company behind the invention is OceanAlpha.  They say it works in various water conditions including rough seas.

Propeller Swimming
The device is dropped in the water and steered remotely to the struggling swimmer.  The gadget moves with two onboard propellers.  When the swimmer grabs on to the device, it pulls them to shore and safety.  The propellers on the device are enclosed and the front bumper is soft to protect the swimmer and any other human rescuers from injury.

From China
OceanAlpha is a China based innovation company, that's currently building a big R&D and testing facility in China.  It's a big player in unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) for water quality monitoring, oceanography and even nuclear radiation detection in waters near nuclear powe…

Lotus' $2 M Electric Sportscar

Evijan - Electric Car that Goes  0 to 62 mph in 3 Seconds

Lotus' 1st Fully EV Under Chinese Ownership
This is a fully electric sports car with top speeds up to 200 mph by the British sport car maker Lotus.  They call it the Evijan hypercar, which means top-tier sports car.  And it's being launched with the Chinese automaker Geely that bought Lotus in 2017. The car is elegant, powerful and expensive. It's showcases the future of electric vehicles with speed and energy efficiency.  In three seconds, the car accelerates from zero to 62 mph.  The powertrain is electrified and packs 1,973 in horsepower.

New Tech
They'll start with manufacturing 130 cars in 2020.  The cars will be built in England.  The cost per car is $2.15 million and the range is over 250 miles on a charge.  With an 800 kw charger, it takes only 9 minutes to fully charge. Lotus executives say this is just the beginning.  They have more visionary models being developed through Geely and Geely subsidiary Volvo…

Important Innovations Collection: Spacebot from Switzerland

Quadruped Spacebot that Leaps, Roams and Flies

Designed for Low Gravity Environments like Moon, Mars and Asteroids

This is extraordinary innovation from a team of PhD to undergraduate students at ETH Zurich in Switzerland.  It's a Quadruped Robot that leaps up to 6 and a half feet, soars in flight and roams low gravity environments like Mars, asteroids and the Moon. The lower the gravity, the longer it flies.  It is now being tested at the European Space Agency.  It is something to be aware of.  For more, go to Important Innovations Collection: Spacebot from Switzerland: To Roam the Moon, Mars and Asteroids Source:  ETH Zurich Dynamic Walking & Flight Phases The Spacebot, a quadruped robot, was cr...

First Steak Grown in a Lab

Lab Grown Meat:  Addresses Concerns about Animal Welfare, Health and Environment

On the Menu Soon
Israeli startup Aleph Farms claims to be the first company to have developed steak in a lab.  The company's "Minute Steak" will debut in select, global restaurants in 2021.  It's targeted at eco-conscious diners who are concerned about animal welfare, human health and the environment.

Cow Cells
The lab grown steak is produced from cow cells taken from live cows.  It eliminates the need to slaughter the animals or use antibiotics which can be harmful to humans.

New Trends
Lab grown steak joins other new items on the menu like lab grown hamburgers and chicken.  This is feeding off a growing consumer trend concerning real meat safety, the health impact on humans, the impact on the environment and animal welfare.

Costs Coming Down
Aleph Farms says it's in talks with high end restaurants in Europe, Asia and the US to have the Minute Steak on their menus in 2021.  They say by…

Important Innovations Collection: Robot to Install Telescopes on Moon

NASA's Plan to Install Telescopes on the Moon

Robotic Arm to Deploy the Telescopes
Using a rover and a robotic arm, NASA plans to install a network of small, highly advanced satellites on the far, dark side of the Moon.  Work on the project is being done at a NASA funded lab at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  For more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Robot to Install Telescopes on Moon: NASA Funded Project Source:  Stock image of  Moon Telescopes to Look Deep Into the Universe A NASA funded lab at the University of Co...

Harvesting Water from Ocean Air

New Hydrogel Invention from Singapore to Harvest Fresh Water from Ocean Air

Huge Water Resource
Scientists from the National University of Singapore have invented a system to pull fresh water out of ocean air.  They've developed a hydrogel using a zinc based material that is able to absorb more than four time its weight in water.  Huge amounts of water evaporate every day from the ocean, lakes, rivers and reservoirs.  The team in Singapore has found an innovative way to harvest the water in the humid surface air above the water surface.

Secret Ingredient - Sunlight
The system has been successfully tested.  The team put the gel in devices floating on the ocean surface where it collected water vapor created during evaporation.  By placing the gel in a glass container in sunlight, fresh water was created and harvested.  The salt content in the water was negligible.

Renewable, Reusable Energy
Rather than relying on electricity, the new hydrogel relies on sunlight.  It releases stored wate…

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Best New Innovations" by journalist Edwar...

"List of Best New Innovations"  by Journalist Edward Kane

Important Guidebook of Executive News Summaries on the Latest, Top Global Innovations
This book is a great resource on the biggest, global innovations of 2019 and 2018.  As journalists, we've written a series of executive news summaries that contain a synopsis of all you need to know about the innovations.  For details on a free borrow on Kindle, the e-book and paperback on Amazon go to
Important Innovations Collection: "List of Best New Innovations" by journalist Edwar...: “List of Best New Innovations” by journalist Edward Kane   ASIN: B07NTWC3FW My book is a compendium of ...

Important Innovations Collection: Jellyfishbot


Tiny, Soft, Swimming Robot with Big Potential
Scientists at The Max Planck Institute in Germany have invented a remarkable tiny soft robot.  Inspired by jellyfish, the robot swims and performs a number of functions including transporting beads and mixing liquids.  It has significant potential for medical and environmental uses.  For a detailed news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Jellyfishbot: German Scientists Invent Remarkable Jellyfish Robot Source:  Max Planck Institute Big Potential for Medical and Environmental Applica...

Smart, Haptic Vest for Dogs

New Human-Canine Communications

Wireless, Remote Controlled Dog Vest to Guide the Dog
Engineers at Ben-Gurion University in Israel have invented a haptic vest for search and rescue, military and service dogs.  It enables the handlers to direct the animal even when they are out of sight or out of vocal range.  Haptic technology simulates the sense of touch and motion.  The system operates by wireless remote control.

Remote Controlled Guidance and Commands
The team used a standard dog vest and placed four, small motors inside that operate by remote control.  They vibrate against the dog's back and sides.  The dog is trained to understand the vibrations and respond properly to them.  It enables the animal to be guided remotely.

Proof of Concept
The team calls the haptic vest a "proof of concept" that shows very promising results.  They say it opens the way toward using haptics as a new form of human-canine communications.  In their study the dogs reacted to the "vibrotact…

Bio-inspired Innovation - Oyster Inspired Glass - 3X Stronger

Mother of Pearl Innovation
McGill University Inventors This is new innovation, a shatterproof glass inspired by oyster shells.  It's three times stronger than current glass options available.  This is bioinspired glass invented by scientists at McGill University in Canada, based on the beautiful Mother of Pearl inside of an oyster shell.
Mother of Pearl Tough Glass The McGill scientists took the microstructures of the Mother of Pearl structure inside oyster shells and replicated it.  The blocks inside the microstructure slide apart on impact.  This new glass bends under pressure and doesn't shatter. It breaks into bigger parts.  The McGill team composed the new substance using borosilicate glass and laminated it. It's a new invention that works three times better than available glass.  Once again, innovation inspired by nature. ..

Old Plastic Made New - Less Dumping

Pioneering Pilot by Mondi Group

Less Plastic Waste by Innovative Re-Use
Mondi Group, the global packaging and paper company, has created flexible packaging from recycled plastic used and discarded by consumers.  They've developed a usable pouch prototype that contains 20% post consumer waste, considered one of the nastiest forms of plastic waste that is polluting the planet.

Circular Economy
The company, which lists headquarters in London, Vienna and Johannesburg, says this brings them one step closer to a circular economy.  The program is called Project Proof and it's an Ellen McNamara Pioneer Project that Mondi is leading.  The plastic waste comes from mixed household waste.  And the flexible pouch that they've produced from it is suitable for items like detergent.

Proof of Concept
Mondi Group says this demonstrates it is possible to use unclean and raw, post consumer recycled content to create flexible, new packaging.  Mondi will now develop the prototype into a commercial…

Important Innovations Collection: Distant Big Discovery in Space

Big Discovery in Space

First Observation of a Moon Forming Disk Around a Planet
Astronomers from Rice University have scored a first.  They have documented for the first time a moon forming disk around a planet.  They did so by using the world's most powerful telescopes at ALMA Observatory in Chile.  This is important science because it has been believed by astronomers that the moons orbiting Jupiter were created by a similar disk four billion years ago.  For a news blog with more details, go to  Important Innovations Collection: Distant Big Discovery in Space: Moon Forming Disk 370 Light Years Away Source:  Rice University World First Astronomers from Rice University have just spotted a moo...

Running Against the Wind

For Runners:  New Tech for Wind Conditions

Power Meter Measures Environment During Your Run
For runners, wind, rain, heat and other environmental conditions make a big difference in your run.  So this new, real-time monitor is of interest.  It's called the Stryd power meter to monitor conditions for your every stride.  It's a pod that attaches to the laces of your running shoes.  The sensors tell you how the wind is impacting your running.  It also includes the impact of other environmental conditions while you are running like temperature and humidity.

Real-Time Data and For Later Review
The data is stored onboard, transmits in real-time and for later reviews.  The new Stryd has a better air flow design that can measure wind speeds and tells you if you're running into a head wind or not. This new invention lets you know with accuracy how you are running against real-time environmental conditions.  It's brings a brand new accurate meaning to running against the wind.

VW & Ford TeamUp on E & Self-Driving Cars

Fierce Competitors Combine Forces to Cut Costs & Gain Scale

New Technologies Driving Big Automotive Changes
VW and Ford just announced they're teaming up and sharing costs to develop self-driving and electric cars.  VW will invest $2.6 billion in Ford's self-driving vehicle business unit.  The two global automakers will also share electric car components.

New Tech Alliances
This alliance is part of a seismic change in the automotive industry.  Expensive, new self-driving and electric vehicle technologies are driving it.  Ford and VW are working together to share costs on the new technologies.  And, they say while they remain fierce competitors, teaming up gives them significant global scale.

Changing Automotive Landscape
The Ford-VW tie-up is the latest in a series of big automotive alliances. About a week ago, BMW and Daimler announced they're teaming up to develop autonomous vehicles.  Honda has invested nearly $3 billion in GM's driverless vehicle unit.  It's a…

Important Innovations Collection: India Racing to the Moon

India Launching Space Mission to the Unexplored South Pole of the Moon

Take-off on Monday, July 15
India is building up a space leadership position for itself.  On Monday, it will launch its second lunar mission within a year.  What is exciting about this one is there's a rover onboard and the destination is the unexplored South Pole of the Moon.  For more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: India Racing to the Moon: Second Unmanned Lunar Mission Source:  Stock Image Rover to Land at Unexplored South Pole "Boldly going to where no country has...

Important Innovations Collection: Very Smart Glasses

Very Smart Glasses

New Invention from Stanford University that Restores Focus and Vision
Engineers at Stanford University have invented a prototype for autofocals that restores focus and repairs vision.   It's a remedy for age-related farsightedness which affects more than a billion people.  The system has been tested on patients and it works.  The engineers are now focused on downsizing the system so it is light and wearable.  For more details, go to
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US College Students Going Hungry

New Research Shows a Big Problem

Unhealthy Young Americans
Researchers at Temple University in Philadelphia have just released a stunning report about hunger on US college campuses.  It's a big problem.  The Temple University survey has demonstrated that 50% of students at more than 100 colleges and universities in the US can't afford to eat a balanced meal.  35% of the students are skipping meals entirely because they don't have enough money to pay for them.

Food Insecurity
In the US, 13% of the population are food insecure, meaning they can't afford to maintain a well-balanced, nutritious diet and in many cases go to bed hungry.  Recent surveys now indicate the number of college students going hungry is three times that.  The college population is particularly vulnerable because many are spending all of their available money on bills associated with school.  And, because of their class schedules, they can't maintain a full-time job.

GAO and Congressional Bill to Add…

Important Innovations Collection: Launching Satellites From 747 Planes

New Tech: Launching Satellites From 747 Aircraft

Virgin Orbit's Air Launch System
Richard Branson's Virgin Orbit just successfully tested its modified 747 aircraft - Cosmic Girl - that can fire off a rocket containing a satellite and place it in orbit.  The company is planning on its first commercial launch by the end of this summer.  For a great news blog, go to
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Important Innovations Collection: BMW Going Electric

BMW to Start Producing Electric Mini's in Great Britain

Ready for Global Distribution Spring 2020
BMW has a major commitment to developing electric vehicles.  In fact, the automaker say it will have 25 electric vehicle models by 2023.  The global automaker just confirmed that it will build the Electric Mini's at its facility near Oxford, Great Britain despite the fact that Britain is leaving the European Union.  For a news blog with more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: BMW Going Electric: Electric Mini Production Starts in UK in Late 2019 Source:  BMW's Mini Electric Delivery in Spring 2020 BMW is kicking off its ...