First Steak Grown in a Lab

Lab Grown Meat:  Addresses Concerns about Animal Welfare, Health and Environment

Source:  Aleph Farms

On the Menu Soon
Israeli startup Aleph Farms claims to be the first company to have developed steak in a lab.  The company's "Minute Steak" will debut in select, global restaurants in 2021.  It's targeted at eco-conscious diners who are concerned about animal welfare, human health and the environment.

Cow Cells
The lab grown steak is produced from cow cells taken from live cows.  It eliminates the need to slaughter the animals or use antibiotics which can be harmful to humans.

New Trends
Lab grown steak joins other new items on the menu like lab grown hamburgers and chicken.  This is feeding off a growing consumer trend concerning real meat safety, the health impact on humans, the impact on the environment and animal welfare.

Costs Coming Down
Aleph Farms says it's in talks with high end restaurants in Europe, Asia and the US to have the Minute Steak on their menus in 2021.  They say by 2021, they'll have the cost of their steak down to comparable real steak price levels.  They also hope to go into retail supermarket stores with mass production of their lab grown products.  The big question always is the taste test!


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