Prague's Robotic Bartenders

Mixing It Up for Customers

Source:  Karlovy Lazne Music Club

Two Robotic Bartender Megaclubs in Czech Republic
It's called the Karlovy Lazne Music Club in the heart of Prague, Czech Republic.  Two years after introducing their first robotic DJ, the megaclub now has a robotic bartender to mix up cocktails for the clubbers.

Robotic Drinks
The cocktail menu is impressive.  16 different mixed drinks can be ordered by touchscreen terminals.  Everything is programmed so the drinks should be exactly to order.  The bartender is two robotic arms strategically situated below a mass of liquor bottles.  The robot can churn out 80 drinks an hour.

Robot Saloon
Elsewhere in Prague, there is The Cyberdog.  The big star there is the robotic bartender who mixes up drinks ordered through a phone app.  Not only does the robotic arm mix drinks.  It opens bottles of wine and pours four glasses at a time.  It lifts the glasses onto a tray that travels overhead to the customers' table and downloads the drinks for them to grab.

Robots in the Service Economy
These are examples of the many tasks that robots are capable of in the emerging, new service economy.  The owner of Cyberdog, Czech real estate developer Marcel Sournal, believes restaurants are going fully robotic in the near future.  His robotic bartender also provides some fun entertainment - it does a bit of a dance.


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