Important Innovations Collection: Spacebot from Switzerland

Quadruped Spacebot that Leaps, Roams and Flies
Source:  ETH Zurich

Designed for Low Gravity Environments like Moon, Mars and Asteroids

This is extraordinary innovation from a team of PhD to undergraduate students at ETH Zurich in Switzerland.  It's a Quadruped Robot that leaps up to 6 and a half feet, soars in flight and roams low gravity environments like Mars, asteroids and the Moon. The lower the gravity, the longer it flies.  It is now being tested at the European Space Agency.  It is something to be aware of.  For more, go to Important Innovations Collection: Spacebot from Switzerland: To Roam the Moon, Mars and Asteroids Source:  ETH Zurich Dynamic Walking & Flight Phases The Spacebot, a quadruped robot, was cr...


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