5G or Wifi Connected Cars

That's the Question in Europe

Source:  Intel

European Union Votes for 5 G
European Union nations have opened their roadways to 5G connected cars.  They also rejected a European Commission recommendation for a Wifi based standard that VW supports.  The 5G vote is considered a win for BMW and Qualcom that support a 5G system.  The vote reversed a EU vote in April that endorsed Wifi over 5G.

Split Decisions
Telecom and automotive companies are divided over which tech is safer and works better.  The European Commission argued that Wifi, unlike 5G, is available now and would make roads safer.  Wifi basically connects cars to cars.  5G connects both cars and devices in the surrounding environment, including traffic data, navigation and entertainment.  Among the supporters of 5G, Daimler, BMW, Ford, Intel and Deutsche Telecom.  Wifi's supporters include Toyota, Renault, NXP, among others.  The European Union is expected to formalize its 5G decision later this summer.


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