Smart, Remote-Controlled Lifesaver

Dolphin 1 Smart Lifebuoy

Source:  OceanAlpha

Smart, Moving Rescue Gadget Goes to Swimmers in Distress
The new innovation, the Dolphin 1 Smart Lifebuoy, is remotely controlled to reach a swimmer in distress and bring them into shore safely.  The company behind the invention is OceanAlpha.  They say it works in various water conditions including rough seas.

Propeller Swimming
The device is dropped in the water and steered remotely to the struggling swimmer.  The gadget moves with two onboard propellers.  When the swimmer grabs on to the device, it pulls them to shore and safety.  The propellers on the device are enclosed and the front bumper is soft to protect the swimmer and any other human rescuers from injury.

From China
OceanAlpha is a China based innovation company, that's currently building a big R&D and testing facility in China.  It's a big player in unmanned surface vehicles (USVs) for water quality monitoring, oceanography and even nuclear radiation detection in waters near nuclear power plants. Their new, innovation technology is a life-saving device with propellers to move through water and a smart remote control system to rescue struggling swimmers.


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