Important Innovations Collection: Preventing Antarctic Ice Shelf Meltdown

Preventing West Antarctic Ice Shelf Meltdown

Source:  West Antarctic Ice Sheet

Novel Approach - Tons of Artificial Snow and Thousands of Wind Turbines
A team of international scientists just released a study and a series of recommendations to prevent what would be a disastrous meltdown of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet.  They recommend using 12,000 wind turbines to pump seawater up to the surface, convert it into artificial snow and let trillions of tons of the snow fall onto the surface of the ice sheet.  For a news blog with details on this novel approach, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Preventing Antarctic Ice Shelf Meltdown: Dumping Trillions of Tons of Artificial Snow on the South Pole Ice Shelf Source:  West Antarctic Ice Shelf New Scientific Study &...


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