DARPA's Squad X

Pairing Marines with Robots in the Field
Source:  DARPA's Squad X Technology

Man & Machines on the Frontline
The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA - uses AI and  autonomous robots and drones to gather information for soldiers in the field about their surroundings.  The purpose is to eliminate what's historically been called "the fog of war" meaning the uncertainty of the soldier's surroundings - enemies lurking inside of buildings, exploding devices on the ground, etc.

Fog of War
DARPA has been testing the Squad X system, which is multifaceted.  Aerial drones and mobile robots on the ground provide surveillance of the soldier's surroundings.  Artificial intelligence processes the information and provides what's relevant to the soldier on their Android device.  The program is designed to provide superior situational awareness.  The systems currently being tested don't involve the capacity to fire weapons.  It provides information and allows the soldiers and Marines to act on the information that they've learned.


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