UN Warns of Greenland Icemelt

Europe's Record Smashing Heat Threatens Greenland Ice Sheet

Source:  NASA - Greenland Ice Sheet

World's Second Largest Ice Sheet Melting
Europe has been sweltering under a heat wave that has smashed temperature records.  The heat wave is now travelling toward Greenland.  The United Nations is warning that the world's second largest ice sheet is in the cross-hairs of extremely hot air and threatened.

Smashing Ice
The UN is warning that the hot air headed to Greenland is "absolutely incredible".  It's been moving up from North Africa this summer to Europe.  Temperatures in parts of Europe have hit record highs and surpassed them by 2, 3, 4 degrees Celsius, which is incredible.  That mass of hot air is now travelling northward to Greenland.

Global Climate System
The US is warning of high temperatures in Greenland and increased melting of the ice sheet.  They think it could result in record low ice levels, at or below levels set in 2012.  Greenland's ice sheet is a key part of the global climate system.  Significant melting could result in upswings in unstable weather and rising sea levels.  The hot air mass moving in from Europe also has implications for Arctic ice which in July is near the lowest amount on record.


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