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New Climate Change Acceleration Results

Greenland's Ice Melt 60% More Than Expected by 2100 Source:  Greenland Not So Subtle Signs from Nature A new research study by scientists at the University of Liege Belgium demonstrates that the effects of Climate Change on the ice melt in Greenland and the Arctic are far worse than previously predicted.  The scientific team used revised climate models that they say are far more accurate.  They found that the Greenland ice melt by 2100 will be 60% more than expected.  Greenland's ice sheet is the second largest in the world.  Rising water levels from the melt will have very serious consequences. Messages of Accelerating Climate Change From Nature Should the Greenland ice sheet completely melt, the scientists say that would cause sea levels to rise 23 feet.  The study says the Netherlands would be completely under water, Denmark would be a lot smaller and some cities in the Atlantic coastal regions of the US could be submerged.  The scientists add there are many signs from natur

UN Warns of Greenland Icemelt

Europe's Record Smashing Heat Threatens Greenland Ice Sheet Source:  NASA - Greenland Ice Sheet World's Second Largest Ice Sheet Melting Europe has been sweltering under a heat wave that has smashed temperature records.  The heat wave is now travelling toward Greenland.  The United Nations is warning that the world's second largest ice sheet is in the cross-hairs of extremely hot air and threatened. Smashing Ice The UN is warning that the hot air headed to Greenland is "absolutely incredible".  It's been moving up from North Africa this summer to Europe.  Temperatures in parts of Europe have hit record highs and surpassed them by 2, 3, 4 degrees Celsius, which is incredible.  That mass of hot air is now travelling northward to Greenland. Global Climate System The US is warning of high temperatures in Greenland and increased melting of the ice sheet.  They think it could result in record low ice levels, at or below levels set in 2012.  Greenland&#

Greenland Glacier Collapse & CC

Quest to Forecast Ice Melt, Rising Waters and Climate Change Helheim Glacier Collapse Helheim Glacier Collapse Several scientists and a Reuters news team in 2018 witnessed the collapse of the huge Helheim glacier in Greenland.  Billions of tons of ice collapsed into the sea.  A 4 mile wide chunk of the glacier broke apart leaving a huge breach and demonstrating the impact of climate change. NASA & NYU Research NASA and NYU scientists are in Greenland and Iceland to discover how warming oceans are melting the ice from below.  It's part of their Oceans Melting Greenland (OMG) research mission.  They're measuring loss to the country's ice with highly sophisticated technology both on the ground and from planes.  This is very important research because scientists lack clarity on how fast warming oceans are melting polar ice sheets.  As a result projections on rising sea levels vary widely and some question if Climate Change is happening. Many Chilling Signs B