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Important Innovations Collection: World's Most Efficient Radiator

SOLUS - Claims to Cut Your Home Heating Bills Up to 95%

KOLEDA Calls It The World's Most Efficient Radiator
This is new innovation that's hot.  KOLEDA's SOLUS radiator that has the company's patent pending nanotech coating and graphene based heating elements.  The cost savings claim on your heating bills are big - up to 95%.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: World's Most Efficient Radiator: Promises to Cut Your Heating Costs 80 to 95% Source:  KOLEDA SOLUS KOLEDA SOLUS - Innovation Heating Up KOLEDA calls it the world&#...

Berkeley's Flying Drone - No Moving Parts

Ionocraft - Size of a Penny

No Moving Parts, Just Electricity And Ions
Ionocraft is being called the world's smallest flying drone.  It's powered by ion thrusters and is breakthrough drone innovation from University of California Berkeley.

Small and Silent
The flying drone measures 2 cm x 2 cm, weighs just 30 mg and is the size of a penny.  When it flies it is completely silent.  The concept behind this is electrohydrodynamic thrust or EHD.  The concept has been around for many years but never applied to larger EHD craft because of the size of the components involved. The Berkeley team says working as they did on a smaller scale is providing an excellent example of the technology.  It's resulted in improved thrust to weight ratio and lower voltage requirements.

Ion Thruster Power
The team uses a high strength electric field which generates a plasma of ions. In essence, when the ions hit air molecules that generates the thrust.  Berkeley engineers are now working on controlled…

Smart Curtin Removes Indoor Pollution

Air Purifying Textile

Innovation from Ikea Based on Plants
Ikea has developed a textile, first being deployed in curtains, that purifies the air from pollutants inside your house.  Inside air pollution in homes is a huge problem.  It causes 4.3 million deaths per year globally.  In some parts of the world, indoor air pollutions is five times higher than outside air pollution.

The new material and curtains is called GUNRID.  It's been developed by an international team of scientists, engineers, designers and specialists, including from Asian and European Universities  The team is led by Ikea's Mauricio Affonso.

New Material
GUNRID works with light to filter toxins from the air inside the home such as odors and formaldehyde.  The fabric has been treated with a photocatalyst that can break down common pollutants. It works in a way very similar to how plants filter out toxins. The chemicals in the curtain work with light or artificial light against pollutants. The company beli…

Huawei's New 5G Phone

Chinese Innovation - 5G and Foldable Screen

Big Smart Foldable, Smart Phone Competition
Bendable phone devices are big, accompanied by a lot of G's.  China's Huawei just unveiled a new, folding screen phone to gain a big place in the global smart phone market that's dominated by Apple and Samsung.

Mate X
Huawei debuted its MateX phone at the MWC in Barcelona.  The phone can be used on super fast mobile networks that are coming online.  Folding phones are the next big thing.  Huawie is in the action.

Important Innovations Collection: NASA's Quest for Alien LIfe

NASA's Search for Life on Mars and Elsewhere in Space

NASA's New DNA-Like Molecule Will Aid the Search for Interplanetary Life
NASA officials say detection of life in space is a growing and important part of their planetary science missions.  NASA just announced that their team, including scientists from Indiana University of Medicine and University of Texas at Austin, have synthesized a molecular system that is DNA-like and is a genetic system for life that could be possible in other worlds. This new development helps NASA develop new advanced instruments to search for interplanetary life and expands on what they're looking for to discover life outside of the earth.  For a great news blog on this go to Important Innovations Collection: NASA's Quest for Alien LIfe: New Research, New DNA-Like Molecule New DNA Like Molecule Source:  Indiana University School of Medicine NASA Believes This Will Ai...

Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection - Travel

Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection - Travel: Amazon Kindle e-Book The Amazon Kindle promotion on my book "Important Innovations Collection-Travel" for $.99 is in high ge...

Important Innovations Collection: Microsoft's AR HoloLens 2 Headset Just Released

First Look at Microsoft's New AR Headset Display - HoloLens2

Just Unveiled in Barcelona
Microsoft says its new Augmented Reality headset display HoloLens2 has greater immersion, comfort and usefulness.  They say the immersion is greatly enhanced, making holograms more vibrant and realistic.  There's also a new time in flight depth sensor, combined with built-in AI and semantic understanding, that lets you manipulate holograms like real objects.  For a great news blog on this, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane at
Important Innovations Collection: Microsoft's AR HoloLens 2 Headset Just Released: Augmented Reality, Intelligent Edge Device for Holograms Source:  Microsoft HoloLens 2 Greater Immersion, Comfort, Time-to-Value Micr...

World's 1st Museum Built by Robots

Seoul's Robot Science Museum

Autonomous Building
This is a first.  For Seoul, South Korea's new Robot Science Museum, robots and drones will play a role in all aspects of the construction project, including design, manufacture of building parts and assembly.  The architectural firm MAA of Turkey is the creator and developer of this ambitious project.  MAA came up with the winning concept in the South Korean government's open bid process. South Korea is delivering on its desire to promote public education on robots and raise awareness of AI innovation through the new Museum.

Only Robots and Drones Need Apply
Construction gets underway in 2020 and there is a delegation of work.  One group of robots will mold, weld, assemble and polish the Museum's metal fa├žade.  Another group will 3D print concrete slabs.  Drones will map the construction site and provide regular inspections.  They'll also serve as security and control some robotic construction vehicles.

Official Openin…

Important Innovations Collection: AI that Knows When It Doesn't Know

DARPA Program to Develop AI Capable of Accessing Its Own Expertise

Making Machine Learning Systems Trusted, Collaborative Partners
The Pentagon's Advanced Research Projects Agency DARPA has just kicked off a four year program to develop AI systems capable of knowing when they don't know and letting humans know they are not up to the task at hand.  DARPA views this as vital, particularly for the US military, in situations where the margin of error is zero.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: AI that Knows When It Doesn't Know: DARPA's Latest Artificial Intelligence Development Program Source:  DARPA Artificial Intelligence AI Capable of Accessing Its Ex...

Rover Robot - RVR Sphero You Customize

New Robotic Innovation

RVR , the Rover, that is Programmable by You
Sphero has created an interesting and accessible piece of robotic innovation. It's called RVR - the Rover. And it drives out of its box, is programmable, has a diverse suite of sensors and it's totally customizable by you.  News headlines have called it the "Robot Made to be Hacked."

Lots of Tech
This robot has a powerful, high torque motor and 4, all terrain tires. It also includes the company's proprietary, closed loop system that lets the robot navigate based on heading.  That allows the user to focus on programming their robot through Sphero's Edu app.  More advanced programming can be approached through JavaScript and block programming.  The company calls this revolutionary technology on a mobile platform for students, elite educators, innovators and ,yes, elite hackers to create your personalized robot.  Would like to hear your reaction on this.  Let me know what you think.

Important Innovations Collection: Kindle e-Book on Robotics

Latest Innovations in Robotics

Important Innovations Collection - Robotics by Edward Kane
Starting this morning at 8AM PST, Amazon & Kindle are offering a promotion on the e-Book version of "Important Innovations Collection - Robotics" at a discounted price of $.99.  The book is a fun, easy to read resource on the latest breakthroughs in robotics.  It has a five-star rating.  The promotion ends on February 28 at 8AM PST. Ed's Amazon Author Page is  For more details, go to Important Innovations Collection: Kindle e-Book on Robotics: Important Innovations Collection - Robotics Kindle - Amazon Promotion Starting Sunday, February 23, my e-Book Important Innovations C...

Important Innovations Collection: MIT's Latest Robotic Innovations

Important Innovations Collection: MIT's Latest Robotic Innovations: TurboTrack System Dramatically Improves Robot Accuracy and Speed Source:  MIT Media Lab  Uses RFID Tags This latest robotic bre...

Important Innovations Collection: Inspiring AI Innovator

AI System Predicts Pandemics

Inspiring AI Innovation from a Son Who Almost Lost His Mother from Dengue

This is a tested and proved artificial intelligence system that can predict pandemic outbreaks three months before they occur and thereby possibly prevent them.  A young, Dominican Republic scientist developed it out of his love for his mother, who almost died from Dengue fever. He vowed to make a difference against the disease and he has. For a news story on great innovation and an outstanding innovator, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at

Important Innovations Collection: Smartphone Innovation at a Price

Ringing in New Smartphone Profits

Samsung's Galaxy Fold
Samsung has introduced its Galaxy Fold and it has raised a major question.  How much are consumers willing to pay for a smartphone?  The Galaxy Fold in a 2 in 1 device.  It's a traditional smartphone that can fold out into a tablet.  It's priced at $1,980.  Samsung is betting the price is worth the phone's new innovation.  They'll start finding out when the phone hits the market on April 26.  For a great news blog on this,go to Important Innovations Collection: Smartphone Innovation at a Price: Samsung's New Folding Phone Nearly $2000 Source:  Samsung's Galaxy Fold Ringing in New Profits Samsung has unveiled its long ...

Your Outdoor HoverChair

Hovering Hangouts

Innovation in Packable Furniture The HoverChair is packable hanging furniture from the innovative gear company Crua Outdoors, based in County Cork, Ireland.  It's light weight, folds up tiny and is made to hang from a tree or other overhead support.  According to company, it's a super comfortable hangout in the great outdoors.

Outdoor Comfort
The HoverChair joins a number of new options in packable outdoor furniture.  But the company claims this one is extra comfort innovation.  It weighs only 3.9 pounds and you can set it up in under a minute.  It includes an air cushioned seat, optional footrest, mesh back, spreader bar and pockets.

Gaelic ComfortChair
Crua is Gaelic for "forgiving" which in this sense means easy to use.  Crua Outdoors is a global, outdoor gear company with a product line that includes advanced innovation in tents.

Samsung's Highly Anticipated Smart Phone

Galaxy F Foldable Phone

San Francisco Unveiling 2/20/2019
This is a new smart phone that has been much anticipated.  South Korea's Samsung's Galaxy F foldable smart phone that the company teased at a developers conference in November 2018.

It's a smart phone with a smaller screen on the front that opens up like a book.  Experts say the 5 inch screen will fold out to an 8 inch tablet.  Pricing is estimated at $1500 to $2000. Bottom-line:  this is exciting innovation about to be unveiled.  I'll give you the latest here on my blog and so will my journalist colleague Ed Kane on his news blog

Important Innovations Collection: Driverless Cars' Pedestrian Defense

Predictive System for Driverless Cars to Anticipate and Avoid Pedestrians

University of Michigan System With Very Successful Results
As driverless cars increase on the roads, it is imperative that they include defensive driving systems to avoid pedestrians.  Backed by research funding from Ford, researchers at the University of Michigan have developed a predictive system for self-driving cars to predict and avoid pedestrians.  It has great results.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Driverless Cars' Pedestrian Defense: Teaching Self-Driving Cars to Predict Pedestrians' Next Moves Source:  University of Michigan Ford-Funded Predictive System Dev...

Important Innovations Collection: Free Audiobook - "Important Innovations Collection...

Audible Free Codes for "Important Innovations Collection - Travel" Audiobook by Edward Kane

Opportunity for Free Audiobook
This book showcases the latest in travel innovation.  I had the pleasure of narrating it.  Audible has provided some free codes to get the audiobook for free.  If you would like it, let me know at  or  For more information, go to Important Innovations Collection: Free Audiobook - "Important Innovations Collection...: Audible Free Codes Audible has provided me free codes to give out for a free copy of the audiobook "Important Innovations Collect...

Important Innovations Collection: Smart Phone-Smart Watch

TCL's New Smart Phone Bends into a Smart Watch

Smart Phone Bracelet

TCL of China has just patented a flexible, bendable smart phone that can be folded into a smart watch bracelet.  It's a breakthrough in the mobile phone industry.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Smart Phone-Smart Watch: TCL's Smart Phone Bracelet Wearable Phone Chinese tech giant TCL has patented a flexible, bendable smart phone that can fold into a...

Important Innovations Collection: Caltech's Leonardo Drone Walks, Hovers

Bipedal Locomotion Drone - Just Like a Bird

California Institute of Technology's Leonardo
Caltech has achieved a significant advancement in drone technology.  They've developed a drone that walks and hovers in flight like a bird.  Most drones either walk or fly, not both.  The drone's uses included search and rescue on earth and planetary exploration.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Caltech's Leonardo Drone Walks, Hovers: Bird Inspired Robotics Source:  California Institute of Technology's Leonardo Bipedal Locomotion - Hovers in Flight and Walks, Jus...

Glide Breaker - Hypersonic Interceptor

DARPA's Push for Hypersonic Weapons Defense

Hypersonic Mach 5 Plus Defensive Countermeasure
The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA - wants an interceptor that can stop hypersonic weapons travelling at Mach 5 to Mach 20 plus.  DARPA is accepting proposals for the program which it calls Glide Breaker, an interceptor that can counter and take out enemy hypersonic weapons.

Russia's Avangard
The program is specifically targeting what are called boost-glide weapons, that are catapulted high into the atmosphere on ballistic missiles and then glide at hypersonic speeds to earth.  An example is Russia's Avangard which President Putin has termed unstoppable.  It glides down to its target on Earth at Mach 20.  The US and China are also developing these hypersonic weapons.

2020 Testing
DARPA wants the Glide Breaker technology in a hurry.  It wants it tested in 2020.  The challenges to create the hypersonic countermeasure are many including hypersonics&#…

Important Innovations Collection: Hover Shoes - Lightest Electric Transport

Personal Mobility that's Electric, Portable and Fun

ZUUM Hover Shoes
This is a new form of personal mobility that ZUUM Technologies calls the lightest form of electric transportation ever created.  ZUUM Hover Shoes is very interesting technology that self-balances, has anti-skid functionality and can travel up to 8 miles per hour.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Hover Shoes - Lightest Electric Transport: New Form of Personal Mobility Portable, Fun, Electric ZUUM Technologies calls their new ZUUM Hover Shoes the most portable form of pers...

Important Innovations Collection: New Wave Energy Power

New Wave, Ocean Energy Device

European Engineers Invent Successful Wave Device to Generate Electricity for Homes
It's a simple, inexpensive wave device that generates clean, green electricity potentially for thousands of homes at first.  The brilliant device was invented and successfully tested by a group of European university engineers from Scotland and Italy.  It's called a Dielectric Elastomer Generator and is a vertical cylinder tied to ships that converts ocean wave energy to electricity.  For a great news blog on this latest innovation in renewable energy, go to Important Innovations Collection: New Wave Energy Power: Ocean Power to Generate Electricity Source:  Stock Image New, International Engineered Device An international team of engineers from...

Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection - The Best


This book is a highly valuable resources on the latest, best global innovations.  In a professional news summary style, it showcases new innovations in Smart Devices, AI-AR, Medical, Energy, Robots and Travel.  It's a great read for anyone interested in the future and innovations.  You can even borrow it for free on Kindle.Important Innovations Collection: Important Innovations Collection - The Best: Latest Book on Innovation Book # 7 I've just published my seventh book on new, global innovations.  It's called "Importan...

Small, Incredible French Robot - No GPS Needed

Antbot Navigates by Following the Sun and Counting Its Steps

Aix Marseilles University
This is robotics inspired by the navigation system of a desert dwelling ant developed by scientists at Aix Marseilles University.  Antbot determines its location, motion and direction based on the light of the sun in the sky, how many steps it has taken and by watching objects that it has passed by. There is an optical movement sensor in the tiny robot that visually measures how far the bot has gone.  This bot doesn't require GPS to navigate.  It  is one special, robotic machine.

Imitating Nature
Thus far, Antbot can explore 46 feet and return to within 0.4 inches of its base.  Very impressive.  The research team thinks it would be very useful for search and rescue when no GPS is available.  And interestingly, they believe it will be very useful in the development of driverless car technology.

New Clean Fuel from Plastic

New Tech from Purdue University

Clean Oil from Plastic Waste
Purdue University researchers have invented a new technology and chemical process that converts waste plastic to clean oil.

New Tech & Chemical Process
The researchers use hydrothermal liquefaction.  It works by converting materials to oil by heating them at moderate temperatures under pressure. The Purdue team used a common plastic and converted 91% of it to oil.  The oil is a clean fuel source, replaces up to 4% of diesel used annually and produces other valuable products. For a great news blog on this go to,

Important Innovations Collection: Personalized Vitamins

First, Evidenced-based, Customized Vitamin System for the Individual

Optimizes Dose & Ingredients Based on Your Nutrient Needs
An innovation company called Baze, with operations in Boston, Berlin, Zurich and San Francisco, has innovated a unique, individualized approach to personalized vitamins and nutrition.  They call it an evidenced-based personalized vitamin service. It starts with their new blood test, developed at MIT, that works with a push of a button in 5 minutes.

Your Own Vitamins to Help Your Body's Personal Needs
This is a brand new, individualized vitamin system that starts with your blood sample analyzed at Baze's company labs.  The analysis  details what nutrients your body needs to be supplemented.  The company customizes your specific vitamin pill regimen, files a prescription and directly delivers it to you.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Personalized Vitamins: Customized to the Individual Source:  Baze Baze - Optima…

Important Innovations Collection: Audible Codes Available for Important Innovations ...

Free Audible Codes for Important Innovations Collection - Travel Audiobook

Free Audiobook on Audible Audible is providing a limited opportunity to get the audiobook on innovations in travel by my journalist colleague Edward Kane for free.  I am the narrator of the audiobook.  Audible has provided us with codes for distribution that enables the recipient to get the book for free.
It's a compendium of professional news summaries on the latest in travel innovations, including flying cars, hypersonic flights and space tourism by supersonic space craft.  If you're interested in enjoying the audiobook, go to Important Innovations Collection: Audible Codes Available for Important Innovations ...: New Audiobook Giveaway Hello Audiobook and Innovation Readers. I am the author and publisher of the non-fiction book "Important ...

Important Innovations Collection: Samsung's Smart Shirt

Samsung's Smart Shirt

Wearable Tech to Monitor Your Respiratory Health thru Your Smart Phone
This is cutting edge, wearable tech to know if you, your baby or parent have a respiratory problem.   Is it a cold, pneumonia, asthma, bronchitis or a respiratory or lung problem?  Samsung's Smart Shirt has embedded sensors that answers questions to give you vital information if you need to go to a doctor or to the ER to get immediate help. It's very new medical innovation in a smart device - a shirt. For a great news blog on this, go to  Important Innovations Collection: Samsung's Smart Shirt: Samsung Is Launching Wearable Tech to Monitor Your Health Source:  Samsung's Smart Shirt Shirt Sensors Transmit Results to Your S...

World's 1st Ice Skating Robot


Plays Ice Hockey Too - Ice Skating Machine
Roboticists at ETH Zurich have created the world's first ice skating robot.  It can even play ice hockey with humans.  Its name is Skaterbot and it is an incredible learner.

Moves on the Ice
Lead researcher Prof. Stelian Coros of the Computational Robotics Lab at ETH says the only thing his team did was to inform the robot how one skate worked and behaved on ice.  They then told Skaterbot it was free to move in the direction of the blades.  The robot took that information and figured out on its own how to move and skate on ice.

This is a modular, quadruped robot.  Based on the information provided by the team, the robot determines where its legs need to be to stay balanced on the ice.  The researchers believe their robot has many potential uses for deliveries, helping people and search and rescue.  It's remarkable innovation - a skating machine that performs so well as an ice skater and ice hockey player.

Important Innovations Collection: Artificial Leaves and Climate Change

New Artificial Leaf Technology Could Help Cut Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Converts CO2 to Oxygen 10Xs Faster than Real Leaves
A team of engineers at University of Illinois at Chicago have created the world's first artificial leaf technology that works in the real world - outside, not just in the lab.  And, most importantly, it converts CO2 into oxygen 10Xs better than real leaves do.  For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Artificial Leaves and Climate Change: New Artificial Leaves Convert CO2 into Oxygen 10X's Better Than Real Ones Source:  University of Illinois at Chicago Learning fr...

Important Innovations Collection: Ai-Da Robot Artist

Humanoid Robot Artist - Ai-Da

Robotic Creation of Mastermind British Gallery Owner and Engineered Arts of UK

This robot creation answers the question are robots creative? Yes, they are capable of creativity including the arts, such as sketching a face. Ai-Da is the robotic genius concept of British gallery owner Aiden Meller, being developed by UK based Engineered Arts.  This AI enabled robot is opening an exhibit of its art at Oxford in May and in London in November.  The photo shows Ai-Da being prepped with lifelike features by roboticist Mike Humphrey.  For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: Ai-Da Robot Artist: Can Robots Be Creative? Yes! Source:  Ai-Da's Robotic Arm Sketching a Portrait Meet Ai-Da, the Robot Artist British robot...

Important Innovations Collection: DARPA's Tech to Predict Future

DARPA's AI System to Predict the Future

KAIROS - Schema-based Artificial Intelligence System
The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA - is developing a schema-based, AI system to predict the future of major global events for the US government. This is a world first, knowledge-directed artificial intelligence reasoning over schema system. To put it simply, schema is common language people use to describe and make sense of global events.

KAIROS Mission
The purpose is to help the US Defense Department better understand and predict world events that could lead to chaos or unrest.  The end result is to provide actionable understanding and predictions on how major, dynamic events will unfold.  For a great news blog on this, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: DARPA's Tech to Predict Future: KAIROS - System to Forecast the Future Source:  DARPA's KAIROS Project Combines AI and Schemas The US …

DARPA's Insect Allies

Turning Insects into Weapons for Good

Protecting the Nation's Food Supplies
The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA- has a research project straight out of science fiction.  It's called Insect Allies.  The idea is to use insects, such as leafhoppers, aphids and white flies, to protect the nation's food supplies against drought, crop disease and bioterrorism.

Controversial Insect Armies
DARPA expects to achieve its "Insect Allies" goals by infecting the insects with engineered mutations and viruses that can be passed on to the plants to make them stronger or more resistant to biological attacks.  This project involves brand new technologies.  The concern and controversy is that the technologies could be used as weapons to destroy the enemy's crop supplies.  DARPA response:  most new technologies can be weaponized but that is not the purpose or intent of Insect Allies.  The goal is to protect the US food supply.

Important Innovations Collection: MIT-Harvard Smart Pill

MIT-Harvard Smart Pill

Radical New Technology:  a Pill that Delivers Insulin
A small pill has been invented by an MIT-Harvard research team that attaches to the lining of the stomach and delivers insulin.  Designed for those with Type One diabetes, the pill has been tested and performs as well as insulin injections.  It could be a very attractive alternative to insulin injections for diabetics.  Global experts are calling it exciting, "radical new technology".  For a news blog on it, go to my journalist colleague Ed Kane's blog at Important Innovations Collection: MIT-Harvard Smart Pill: Pill Microneedle Source:  MIT Radically New Technology Delivers Insulin Harvard, MIT and insulin manufacturer Novo Nordisk have inven...

New Reconnaissance Drones

US Military Adding Drones & Drone Defense
New Innovation Arsenal
The US has ordered $39 million worth of small reconnaissance drones for the US Army.  The Black Hornet Personal Reconnaissance Drones are manufactured by FLIR Systems. They are tiny, strategic, live video providing drones for soldier/operators on the battlefield.

The drones are small enough to fit into a soldier's pocket or in the palm of their hand.  They are nano-UAV's (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) and provide a view of the battlefield.  The tiny drones work day and night, with speeds up to 20 feet per second and at a distance up to 1.24 miles.

Live Video
They are nearly silent and provide constant covert surveillance of the battlefield for half an hour. During that time, they transmit live video and HD photos back to the operator.  They weigh an ounce and are a little more than 6 inches long.  This is incredible technology from a tiny drone.  FLIR says deliveries to the US Army are about to begin.

Important Innovations Collection: Smart Fabric, Perfect Temperature

Smart Fabric, Perfect Temperature

Pioneering Research Leading to Comfort Adjusting Clothing
University of Maryland researchers have created the world's first wearable material that automatically adapts its insulating capabilities to changes in its environment.  This is a world first in fabric.  It's been engineered with specially designed yarn coated with conductive metal.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: Smart Fabric, Perfect Temperature: First Ever Fabric that Automatically Adjusts to Environment Source:  University of Maryland New Temperature Adjusting Fabric This i...

Implants Powered by a Beating Heart

New Device Captures the Heart's Energy

Implants Powered By Electricity from Heart Beats
This is fascinating and very promising research from Dartmouth College engineers funded by the National Institute of Health (NIH),  The Dartmouth team have created a dime sized device that harvests the kinetic energy of a beating heart to generate electricity and power a biomedical device indefinitely. It's an implant, a heart pacemaker, powered by a beating heart.

Dime-Sized Device
What is so interesting is this is a dime sized device.  It relies on a thin film - piezoelectric film - attached to a pacemaker's lead.  It converts heart beats' kinetic energy into electricity to power the pacemaker implant.

NIH Funded Research with Other Implant Device Applications
This is essentially an organ energy harvesting device that could work beyond the heart and for other organs such as kidneys.  The Dartmouth team's three years of research results have been published in Advanced Materials T…

Important Innovations Collection: Gamechanging Self Healing Material

Self-Repairing Material that Could Be a Gamechanger in Manufacturing

Important, Brand New Material that Self-Repairs
Engineers at the University of Southern California have invented a 3D printed material that self-repairs.  Experts believe it could revolutionize manufacturing, particularly tire and electronics manufacturing.  For a great news blog on this go to Important Innovations Collection: Gamechanging Self Healing Material: New Material is 3D Printed Source:  University of Southern  California Could Revolutionize Tire and Electronics Manufacturing It&#39...

Important Innovations Collection: Innovations in Travel

Free Codes for Free Audiobook on Audible
Audible has provided us with codes to distribute for free audiobooks of Important Innovations Collection - Travel, written by my journalist colleague Edward Kane and narrated by me.  We are both television news journalists.  The book is a compendium of professional news summaries on the latest and greatest in travel innovation.  For details, go to Ed's blog at Important Innovations Collection: Innovations in Travel: Important Innovations Collection - Travel Audible Important Innovations Collection - Travel is live on Audible.  The book contains the...

Important Innovations Collection: Smart Touch, Smart Phone, Smart Film

Smart Touch, Smart Phone, Smart Touch

Enables Visually Impaired to Stay Connected

This is great innovation.  China's technology giant Alibaba has invented a tactile interface film  for smartphone displays to aid the visually impaired when using the phone. The film has three buttons including Braille, confirm and go back.  The film will be available in 2020 and Alibaba does not intend to make a profit on it.   For a great news blog on this, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Smart Touch, Smart Phone, Smart Film: Alibaba's Humanitarian Smart Phone Film Source:  Alibaba Enables Visually Impaired to Stay in Touch, Shop, Pay Bills This is gr...

Important Innovations Collection: Global Mega Space Project

Important Innovations Collection: Global Mega Space Project: World's Largest Ground Based Observatory Telescope International Mega Science Project Discovery and Innovation Center in Hawaii ...

Autos, Planes, Ships and All Kind of Machines

Important Innovations in Travel and Transportation

If you're looking for additional resources dedicated to the latest innovations in autos, planes, ships and all kind of machines, I wanted to make you aware of a Kindle book you can borrow for free from the Kindle library.  It's Important Innovations Collection - Travel written by my fellow journalist Edward Kane.  Here's a link to the free library book ASIN: B07JCQ4J78.  And for background on Ed's television news journalism and writings, go to

Supersonic Flights Taking Off

Boeing Goes Supersonic

Boeing Invests Big in Supersonic Tech Company Aerion
Boeing is teaming up with a Nevada based company Aerion on the next generation of supersonic jets. Boeing announced it will provide engineering, manufacturing and test flight resources to bring Aerion's AS2, now a prototype, to market.  Boeing is also making a large financial investment. The amount wasn't disclosed.

Cruising at 1,000 MPH+
The companies say the passenger jet will be capable of flying at Mach 1.4 or 1,038 mph/1,671 kmh. That is double the speed of current commercial jets.  The SST could get you to your destination in half the time.  Boeing says the time for supersonic flight has come.  The last supersonic flight in the US was in 2003 by the Concorde. The SST's were sidelined because of the noise from their sonic booms and high operational costs.  The new generation of supersonics are designed to be much quieter and fuel efficient.

Takeoff Time
If all goes as planned, the AS2 could fly b…

Important Innovations Collection: Habitat Offers Undersea Shelter

New Underwater Breathing and Resting Space for Divers

Ocean Space Habitat This is new ocean innovation.  Ocean Space Habitat is an underwater habitat with battery powered fans that provides divers with a place to breath freely without their mask and rest before continuing their diving and ocean exploration.  The innovators have a larger, more specialized "underwater tent" under development to serve as a research station for scientists and their equipment.  For a more detailed news blog on this go to Important Innovations Collection: Habitat Offers Undersea Shelter: New Underwater Breathing Space for Divers Source: Ocean Space Habitat Underwater Innovation The underwater, sheltering space is call...

Important Innovations Collection: Links to my Audiobook - Important Innovations Coll...

The audiobook version of Important Innovations Collection -Travel is live on  iTunes, Audible and Amazon.  I had the delight of narrating it and co-authoring it with my fellow journalist and brother  Ed Kane.  This book provides news briefs on what you need to know about the latest in travel & transportation innovations. Just click for the links Important Innovations Collection: Links to my Audiobook - Important Innovations Coll...: Here are the direct links to my audiobook Important Innovations Collection - Travel  on Audible and Amazon Link to Audible  https:...

Saving Endangered Elephants with AI

Cornell University Behavioral Biologists AI Push
Wildlife Conservation AI Innovation
A team of behavioral biologists from Cornell University are working in the Central African Republic.  Their focus is forest elephants which are endangered by high levels of poaching in the world's second largest forest.  The scientists are picking up and deciphering the elusive elephants' cries and vocalizations using 50 sensors over 480 square miles.

Artificial Intelligence to the Rescue
Using AI deep learning, they're analyzing the huge volume of recordings and picking out 15,000 elephant calls over a 3 week period to pinpoint elephant alarm calls, warning that something is wrong.  They are also testing prototypes for real-time detection of danger such as from poachers.

AI Enabling Conservation
Artificial intelligence is opening up new technologies that can dramatically improve the way we study and protect wildlife.  AI revolutionizes processing of huge amounts of data from monitoring wildl…

Important Innovations Collection: China's Robot Ship

China's Robot Ship

World's 1st Robot Ship System for Advanced Weather and Atmospheric Monitoring over Oceans
China has built the world's first robotic, semisubmersible boat to launch small sounding rockets to monitor the atmosphere over oceans.  The purpose is to gather meteorological data to provide more accurate weather forecasts.  For a news blog on this emerging robotic technology, go to
Important Innovations Collection: China's Robot Ship: World's First Robotic Ship System For More Accurate Weather Predictions Source:  China's Robot Ship Launches Small Sounding …  and

Important Innovations Collection: Breakthrough in Flexible Electronics

Breakthrough Research on Flexible Electronics

New Discovery May Speed-Up Commercialization of Flexible Electronics
Researchers at the University of Houston have created stretchable semiconductors and integrated electronics.  They discovered that carbon nanotubes improve and enhance the performance, speed and mobility of flexible electronics.  Their work may accelerate the commercialization of smart devices like implantable bioelectronics, human-machine interfaces, robotic skin and much more.  For a great news blog with more details, go to  Important Innovations Collection: Breakthrough in Flexible Electronics: Stretchable Semiconductors and Integrated Electronics Source:  University of  Houston New Research May Bring Flexible Electronics Cl...

Scooter Sensation Stator

All Electric and Self Balancing

A New Way to Scoot
It's called Stator and it's a self-balancing scooter, largely by its very wide tires. The vehicle is about to launch.  The scooter is all-electric, green and is designed as an alternative means of urban travel. Stator is a California based company. The vehicle designer and company founder is Nathan Allen. The vehicle is being tested and readied for launch.  No pricing on it yet.   Here are a few specifics on it:
Reaches maximum speeds of 25 mph4 hour charge provides 20 miles of ride time1.2 hour fast charge optionUse a keyless RFID startupBreaks and throttle are on the right sideThe large rear tire holds the 1000 watt motorThe front tire controls directionIt weighs 90 pounds and can carry up to 250 poundsIt folds for easier transportThere are 3 programmable power settings: learner, intermediate, expert.       .

Important Innovations Collection: New Audiobook

Important Innovations Collection - Travel by Edward Kane

Audiobook Live on Amazon, iTunes and Audible
My journalist colleague Ed Kane's book Important Innovations Collection - Travel just went live as an audiobook on Amazon, iTunes and Audible.  It's also available in paperback and e-book formats.  It was my delight to serve as narrator of the audiobook version.  The book is a fun series of news briefs on the latest and most exciting innovations in travel.....important innovations changing your future.  Important Innovations Collection: New Audiobook: Important Innovations Collection - Travel ASIN: B07N15VKCW   Amazon, Audible, iTunes Important Innovations:  Collection ...

Important Innovations Collection: Metallic Wood Strong as Titanium

Brand New Material Stronger & 5X Lighter than Titanium

Innovated by Scientists at UPENN, U of Illinois & U Cambridge UK
Clearly, this is breakthrough Materials Science.  A material developed by this international team that is as strong as titanium, 5-times lighter and for many potential uses, such as aircraft wings, prosthetic legs, batteries and a lot more.  The structure is so light it can float on water and so porous it can be made into a battery.  It's great innovation and for a great news story blog on it, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Metallic Wood Strong as Titanium: New Material Developed by UPenn , U of Cambridge UK & International Team Source:  University of Pennsylvania Brand New Material ...