Important Innovations Collection: NASA's Quest for Alien LIfe

NASA's Search for Life on Mars and Elsewhere in Space

Source:  NASA's New DNA-Like Molecule
NASA's New DNA-Like Molecule Will Aid the Search for Interplanetary Life
NASA officials say detection of life in space is a growing and important part of their planetary science missions.  NASA just announced that their team, including scientists from Indiana University of Medicine and University of Texas at Austin, have synthesized a molecular system that is DNA-like and is a genetic system for life that could be possible in other worlds. This new development helps NASA develop new advanced instruments to search for interplanetary life and expands on what they're looking for to discover life outside of the earth.  For a great news blog on this go to Important Innovations Collection: NASA's Quest for Alien LIfe: New Research, New DNA-Like Molecule New DNA Like Molecule Source:  Indiana University School of Medicine NASA Believes This Will Ai...


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