World's 1st Museum Built by Robots

Seoul's Robot Science Museum
Source:  MAA's Concept Visualization of the Museum

Autonomous Building
This is a first.  For Seoul, South Korea's new Robot Science Museum, robots and drones will play a role in all aspects of the construction project, including design, manufacture of building parts and assembly.  The architectural firm MAA of Turkey is the creator and developer of this ambitious project.  MAA came up with the winning concept in the South Korean government's open bid process. South Korea is delivering on its desire to promote public education on robots and raise awareness of AI innovation through the new Museum.

Only Robots and Drones Need Apply
Construction gets underway in 2020 and there is a delegation of work.  One group of robots will mold, weld, assemble and polish the Museum's metal façade.  Another group will 3D print concrete slabs.  Drones will map the construction site and provide regular inspections.  They'll also serve as security and control some robotic construction vehicles.

Official Opening Set for 2022
The Museum will be a 2500 sq. meter, spherical building.  It's set to open in 2022.  The world's first autonomously built museum will house the latest in robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual and augmented reality and hologram technology.  Some experts believe the use of robots to build the facility may save time and money.


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