MIT Electronic Pill - Pufferfish Modeled

Expands and Monitors Stomach Health

MIT E-Pill
MIT has developed an ingestible e-pill that is jello-like and expands just like a pufferfish.  It stops in the stomach in place to take readings overtime. This new e-pill overcomes the limits of other e-pills that just past through the system.

New, Expanding E-Pill  Monitor
This is a medical device at the cutting edge.  Composed of two types of hydrogels, the pill expands to take stomach readings for thirty days.  It's a quickly expanding pill to monitor your stomach health.  It's been tested in animals and its sensors stay in place for 30 days to monitor the stomach.

Other Potential Use
The MIT team believes several e-pills expanding in the stomach could serve as a weight loss system.  The jello like substance would make the stomach feel full and reduce appetite.  This cutting edge innovation is under development and testing for commercial applications.


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