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New Robot Expands 5X Length

New Fast Acting Soft Robots Expandable with High Speeds Source:  Purdue University Bioinspired by Chameleons, Salamanders and Toads Researchers at Purdue University have invented a new class of high speed, soft robots and actuators. They are bio-inspired by the high speed, elastic motions of salamanders, chameleons and toads that launch their tongues in a tenth of a second to catch an insect.  Purdue's new soft robot can catch a live, flying beetle in the same way, in a blink of an eye.  This robotic innovation is big for potential use in accelerated automation. New Class of Soft Robots The Purdue scientists' new innovation is a new class of entirely soft robots and actuators.  They are capable of recreating bioinspired high powered, high speed motion using stored elastic energy.  They're composed of stretchable polymers like a rubber band with channels that expand with pressurization. Amazing Robotics This robot expands five times in length and

New Nanosatellite Boosts Connectivity

Israeli Advanced Nanosatellite Launched Aboard Russian Rocket Source:  NSLComm Boosting Connectivity from Space NSLComm, an Israel based aerospace startup, just launched into space its expandable nanosatellite. The satellite expands to greatly boost its connectivity capacity 100-times.  The nanosatellite was part of the payload aboard a Russian Soyuz rocket and launched this weekend from eastern Russia. Commercial and educational satellites from the US, Germany, France and the UK were also onboard. Unique Technology There are flexible dish antennas that expand in space when the nanosatellites are in position.  That enables greater bandwidth and internet speeds 100 times faster than current top nanosatellites, according to NSLComm.  Ground crews are able to control the antennas to turn the supply to specific locations on the ground that are in need of increased bandwidth.  The Israeli company says their technology is a unique answer to meeting the growing global connectivity

Important Innovations Collection: World's 1st FutureProof EBike

World's 1st Future Proof Electric Bike Source:  Xtracycle Unique Gadget - Bike Expands to Cargo Bike When Needed The company Xtracycle says they've created the world's 1st future proof electric bike that is usable over a lifetime of changing needs.  The electric bike can be expanded from a standard bike to a cargo bike and back again.  For a great news blog on this new gadget, go to Important Innovations Collection: World's 1st FutureProof EBike : Build Your Bike Source:  Xtracycle Xtracycle RFA Electric Bike This bike has a modular design that allows it to be reconfigured for c...

MIT Electronic Pill - Pufferfish Modeled

Expands and Monitors Stomach Health MIT E-Pill MIT has developed an ingestible e-pill that is jello-like and expands just like a pufferfish.  It stops in the stomach in place to take readings overtime. This new e-pill overcomes the limits of other e-pills that just past through the system. New, Expanding E-Pill  Monitor This is a medical device at the cutting edge.  Composed of two types of hydrogels, the pill expands to take stomach readings for thirty days.  It's a quickly expanding pill to monitor your stomach health.  It's been tested in animals and its sensors stay in place for 30 days to monitor the stomach. Other Potential Use The MIT team believes several e-pills expanding in the stomach could serve as a weight loss system.  The jello like substance would make the stomach feel full and reduce appetite.  This cutting edge innovation is under development and testing for commercial applications.