New Robot Expands 5X Length

New Fast Acting Soft Robots Expandable with High Speeds

Source:  Purdue University

Bioinspired by Chameleons, Salamanders and Toads
Researchers at Purdue University have invented a new class of high speed, soft robots and actuators. They are bio-inspired by the high speed, elastic motions of salamanders, chameleons and toads that launch their tongues in a tenth of a second to catch an insect.  Purdue's new soft robot can catch a live, flying beetle in the same way, in a blink of an eye.  This robotic innovation is big for potential use in accelerated automation.

New Class of Soft Robots
The Purdue scientists' new innovation is a new class of entirely soft robots and actuators.  They are capable of recreating bioinspired high powered, high speed motion using stored elastic energy.  They're composed of stretchable polymers like a rubber band with channels that expand with pressurization.

Amazing Robotics
This robot expands five times in length and can catch a live flying beetle in 120 milliseconds.  The robot's elastic energy is stored by stretching its body during fabrication.  The scientists believe such high speed robotics could achieve automated tasks more accurately and much faster. For a free borrow and look at my innovation books, go to Page:


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