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New Robot Expands 5X Length

New Fast Acting Soft Robots Expandable with High Speeds Source:  Purdue University Bioinspired by Chameleons, Salamanders and Toads Researchers at Purdue University have invented a new class of high speed, soft robots and actuators. They are bio-inspired by the high speed, elastic motions of salamanders, chameleons and toads that launch their tongues in a tenth of a second to catch an insect.  Purdue's new soft robot can catch a live, flying beetle in the same way, in a blink of an eye.  This robotic innovation is big for potential use in accelerated automation. New Class of Soft Robots The Purdue scientists' new innovation is a new class of entirely soft robots and actuators.  They are capable of recreating bioinspired high powered, high speed motion using stored elastic energy.  They're composed of stretchable polymers like a rubber band with channels that expand with pressurization. Amazing Robotics This robot expands five times in length and

Important Innovations Collection: New Hummingbird Drone

New Hummingbird Drone Tiny Drone so Agile It Hovers and Turns Like a Hummingbird Researchers at Purdue University have created a tiny drone inspired by the aerial dynamics of hummingbirds.  The drone can fly, hover and make quick turns just like the hummingbird.  The drone is designed for use in search and missions and for surveillance.  For a great news blog on this, go to Important Innovations Collection: New Hummingbird Drone : Very Agile Flying Drone with Artificial Intelligence Source:  Stock Image Hovers and Turns Like a Hummingbird Purdue University rese...

Important Innovations Collection: New Drone with Foldable Wings

New Drone with Autonomous Flexible Wings Source:  Purdue University Flies Against the Wind Purdue University roboticists have developed and patented a new, advanced drone with foldable wings.  The wings are designed on the flight patterns and wings of insects.  Unlike other drones with fixed wings, this new invention can withstand high wind conditions.  It's also more energy efficient and can carry heavy loads.  For a news blog with more details, go to Innovations Collection: New Drone with Foldable Wings : Autonomous Wings to Withstand the Wind Source:  Purdue University Inspired by Insects Roboticists at Purdue University have develope...

Removing Oil from Water

New Global Technology Innovation Simple, Inexpensive Tech from Purdue University This is new innovation that is noteworthy.  Purdue University scientists have developed a simple and inexpensive method to remove oil from water.  Why does that matter?  The potential of this new technology is to cut pollution and health risks globally. Source: Purdue University System  Produced Water The process was developed for "produced water" from oil refining.  2.5 billion gallons of produced water are generated daily by oil refineries.  According to the US Environmental Protection Agency, the produced water has been an intractable contamination problem and hazard.  Purdue researchers say they have developed a purification system that is a breakthrough. Solar Power+Charcoal+Foam & Goes Full Circle The Purdue process relies on solar-powered charcoal foam.  The charcoal is heated up by solar energy to absorb petroleum.  The scientists have demonstrated that their process f

Smart Stickers that Monitor Health

Purdue University Celebrates 150 Years of Innovation Source:  Purdue University Personal Health Monitoring that Costs 5 cents to Make Scientists and engineers at Purdue have created a wearable, flexible, electronic sticker device that's easily attached to the skin.  It monitors physical activity and can alert the user in real-time about possible health problems and risks.  It can be used for patients, athletes and anyone who wants to monitor their health. Personalized Medicine Made from Paper It's made out of paper and costs only 5 cents to make.  Not only is it wearable;  it's nearly invisible.  And it's biodegradable.  This is the latest health innovation that Purdue has contributed over the past 150 years.....a history it's marking with its "Giant Leaps" celebration. Available Very Soon The smart stickers are composed of cellulose.  They are biocompatible and breathable.  They can also be implanted in the body for monitoring.  They are ex