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Important Innovations Collection: NASA Spots Electric Soccer Balls in Space

NASA Spots Electric Soccer Balls in Space

Tiny Carbon Buckyballs
The Hubble Space Telescope has discovered electrically charged carbon molecules shaped like soccer balls in interstellar space.  They're called buckyballs and are an important discovery.  According to NASA they shed light on the formation of stars and planets and provide a greater understanding of the gas and dust that compose the atmosphere of interstellar space.  For more details go to
Important Innovations Collection: NASA Spots Electric Soccer Balls in Space: Tiny, Carbon Buckyballs that Start Stars & Planets Source:  NASA/JPL - CALTECH Interstellar Presence The Hubble Space Telescope ...

Big Asian Electric Vehicle Alliance

Vehicles Electric and On-Demand

First Market Japan 
The Toyota SoftBank electric vehicle alliance now includes Mazda, Suburu, Suzuki, Isuzu and Toyota's compact car unit Daihatsu.  Each will invest $530,620 in the venture called Monet in return for a 2% stake in the EV company.  They join Honda and Hino Trucks, each of which have a 10% stake in the new entity.  Toyota and SoftBank own 35% each in a venture now capitalized at $26.6 million.

Big Plans for Monet
The group plans to rollout on demand bus and car services next year.  Monet is building up members for its on demand services and  expects to have a service platform for electric vehicles by 2023.  This alliance is a primary example of automakers joining forces to offer vehicle services rather than selling cars and to share the massive investment to develop new electric vehicles.

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Gadgets" by Journalist Edward Kan...

"List of Top New Gadgets"  by Journalist Edward Kane

This is Ed's latest book and it contains a series of news summaries on the latest and most impactful gadgets invented around the world.  It's an easy to read, handy reference guide to keep you in the know about exciting new inventions that you can use. For a free Kindle borrow and more information, go to
Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Gadgets" by Journalist Edward Kan...: “List of Top New Gadgets” by Journalist Edward Kane  The book is loaded with the latest new gadgets just invented around the worl...

Important Innovations Collection: Apple Camera Watch

Apple Camera Watch

Apple Secures new Patent
Apple has secured a patent for a new Camera Watch.  The camera is embedded in a flexible, expandable watchband.  It enables the wearer to shoot pictures and use the display to see and frame the images.  For more on this new invention, go to  Important Innovations Collection: Apple Camera Watch: Camera in the Band Source:  Apple Camera Watch Picture Perfect Patent Apple has just received a patent for a new invention.  They&#39...

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Medical Innovations" by Edward Ka...

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Medical Innovations" by Edward Ka...:   “List of Top New Medical Innovations” by Journalist Edward Kane New Book on Latest New Medical Innovations Human health and the ...

Boxing Robots: Italy's Fast Growth Industry

Superstar Robot Packers

Superstar Customers
The Italian packaging company CMC in the medieval town of Citta di Castello has robot machines at the cutting edge of 2019 filling some very big orders for big clients and it delivers.  The robotic packaging machine is called CartonWrap.  It can box and seal 600 to 1000 items of every shape and size every hour, 24/7, including in tailor made boxes.  Clients of the automated packaging machines include Amazon, Walmart and Gucci.

Big Business in Italy
CMC and CartonWrap are one of 630 companies in Italy making automated packaging machines.  This is the new robotic, automated economy and it is one of Italy's fastest growing industries.  In fact, the sector is accelerating 9X's faster than the overall Italian economy.  It's another example of robotic technology cutting time, costs and in this case packaging waste and creating a whole new avenue of global business that's a disruptor.

Important Innovations Collection: Cyberhack Risk, Insulin Pump Recall

Recall Example of Medical Devices Vulnerable to Cyber Attack

FDA and Medtronic Recall Certain Insulin Pumps for People with Type One Diabetes
This is new evidence that even vital medical devices can be hacked into by cyber criminals.  The FDA and Medtronic just announced the recall of certain wireless insulin pumps for people with Type One diabetes  because they can be hacked into by cyber criminals.  It's one of the first examples of vital medical devices vulnerable to cyber threats.  For a news blog with more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Cyberhack Risk, Insulin Pump Recall: New Cyberwar Threat:  Medical Devices - Medtronics' MiniMed 508 Insulin Pump Recall Source:  Medtronics Rare Medical Device Hack...

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Best New Innovations" by journalist Edwar...

A great guide book on the latest and best in global innovation by journalist Ed Kane.  For a free Kindle borrow, go to  Important Innovations Collection: "List of Best New Innovations" by journalist Edwar...: New Book by Journalists on the Top New Global Innovations “List of Best New Innovations” by journalist Edward Kane My book is a...

Ericsson's Fully Automated Smart Factory - a First

Coming to the US - 5G Radios & Rapid 5G Deployment

To Open in 2020
Ericsson, the Swedish telecom equipment company, is building its first fully automated smart factory
in the world, in the US.  The location hasn't been disclosed pending discussion outcomes with state and local officials.  The facility will produce Advanced Antenna System radios to increase network capacity and coverage in rural areas and 5G radios for urban areas.  Both are necessary for rapid 5G deployment in North America.

Factory that's 5G and Largely Autonomous
The smart factory will be operational in early 2020, is largely autonomous and will employ 100 workers.  What's smart and exciting about this facility is that it will use industrial 5G to connect machines and sensors.  The factory will have automated warehousing, autonomous carts, autonomous assembly - packing - product handling and connected logistics.

Factory of the Future is Here, Green and Sustainable
The new, smart factory is part of Erics…

Important Innovations Collection: EU Okays IBM's Red Hat Purchase

EU Okays IBM's Red Hat Acquisition

Deal Creates #1 Hybrid Cloud Provider

The European Union just approved IBM's $34 billion acquisition of open source software company Red Hat.  The multinational company is based in Raleigh, North Carolina.  This acquisition will position IBM as the world's #1 hybrid cloud provider, according to IBM CEO Ginny Rometty.  For more details, go to  Important Innovations Collection: EU Okays IBM's Red Hat Purchase: Creates Cloud Computing Behemoth Source:  IBM Cloud $34 Billion Dea l Global tech giant IBM just received the go-ahead from the Euro...

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Medical Innovations" by Edward Ka...

New Book on Latest Medical Innovations that Make a Difference

Journalists Edward Kane and me Maryanne Kane Provide News Summaries for Your Health

Every day new innovations are being developed out of medical labs globally.  This book is a series of crisp news summaries that gives you the latest and most important innovations to advance medicine that you need to know about for your health and animal health
Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Medical Innovations" by Edward Ka...: Book on Latest Impactful Medical Innovations by Journalist Edward Kane “List of Top New Medical Innovations” by Journalist Ed...

Important Innovations Collection: Medical Breakthrough on Food Allergies

Important Innovations Collection: Medical Breakthrough on Food Allergies: In the Gut Source:  Good Bacteria in Stomach stock imageAdd caption Good Bacteria For those who suffer from food allergies, this is v...

Russia's Snowy Owl Drone

Combat Surveillance

Bird of Prey
Russia has designed a new combat surveillance drone that has the appearance of a snowy owl.  The drone was just unveiled at the Defense Ministry's annual military expo in Moscow.

UAV that's Laser Equipped
The drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle.  It's equipped with a laser in its tail that can guide artillery,  laser-guided bombs and aircraft to swoop in for an attack.  Russia's Defense Ministry says it will be able to spot targets without being detected.

This new device weighs only 5 kilograms and can be handled, carried and launched by one person.  It can fly up to 40 minutes and has a range of 12 miles.  It's one of Russia's new military assets now on display at the expo.

SpaceX Launches Falcon Heavy with Innovation Onboard

24 Satellites Onboard to Advance Science & Tech

So Far, So Good and Elon Musk Is In Orbit
Entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk's company SpaceX acknowledges that this is one of their most difficult launches ever.  They just launched their Falcon Heavy rocket and it is zooming into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  The mission is highly complicated as it is delivering 24 satellites to a variety of orbits over multiple hours.  It's the epic commuter space trip with so many time and location destinations.

Fascinating Destinations and Missions on This SpaceX Trip
On board the SpaceX rocket, 25% of the satellites are for weather and climate date collection.  Other satellites includes those to test cleaner, greener and more efficient spacecraft fuels.  There's also a NASA atomic clock and a non-profit organization's attempt to advance solar sailing technology.  This mission is loaded with exciting technology innovation that going into space right now.

New Device to Rescue Astronauts

NASA - ESA Collaboration

Lunar and Extraplanetary Rescue System for Fallen Astronauts
It's called LESA, the Lunar Evacuation System Assembly and it is the combined invention of NASA and the European Space Agency.  The technology enables a single astronaut to rescue a fallen comrade on the moon or on another planet and bring them back to the safety of a pressurized space station.  It's a world first and of great necessity.  As of the moment, there is no way a single astronaut could carry a fallen astronaut to safety without technological assistance because of their spacesuits and gravity.

NASA and ESA Tests
NASA and ESA have tested the tech at the 10 m deep pool at ESA's Satellite Center in Cologne, Germany.  They used the pool to simulate lunar gravity and the tests are going well.  The team says LESA is like a golf caddy.  Its lift mechanism and stretchers can be operated by a single astronaut.  NASA and ESA say this rescue technology is essential for lunar and other extrap…

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Energy Innovations" by Edward Kan...

"List of Top New Energy Innovations" by Journalists Edward Kane and me Maryanne Kane

Your New Green Energy Innovation Guide
This book is a handy reference guide to the latest and most important innovations in green energy with the greatest potential for impact.  It is co-authored by journalists Edward Kane and me, Maryanne Kane.  We've made the book easy to use and read as a series of news summaries on breakthrough green energy innovations you want to be aware of.

For more details and a free Kindle borrow, go to
Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Energy Innovations" by Edward Kan...: New Book on Green Energy Innovations “List of Top New Energy Innovations” by Journalist Edward Kane In “List of Top New Energ...

Important Innovations Collection: Table Solar Charges Electronic Devices

Smart, e-Table Solar Powers Your Electronic Devices

Brilliant Concept from Barcelona, Spain
The Ebort is a sleek, practical table for use in your home or office.  It's also an intelligent, e-table that harvests solar energy to green power your electronic devices with renewable energy. You can recharge four devices at once on the table top, which is wireless, self-sustaining and works off artificial and ambient light.  It's one of those ideas that is so practical, convenient and time saving.  It makes you wonder why didn't I think of that!  For more details on this new invention, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Table Solar Charges Electronic Devices: Solar Powered, Green Charging  Table Source:  Proton New Energy Future Ebord Renewable Energy The green charging device - the Ebord ...

Amazon's Multi-Tasking Drones

Package Deliveries and Surveillance

US Patent for the Technology
Amazon has found yet another way to make potentially significant money.  It's just secured a patent to utilize its package delivery drones for security surveillance for its customers.

According to the patent, the surveillance would be limited by geofencing.  That's a technology which draws a virtual line around a property under surveillance.  According to the patent, the drone would record video of the customer's house at the customer's request for security.  The drone would pick up such issues as a broken window or open garage door.

Drones Ready for Takeoff
In the next few months, Amazon's fleet of delivery drones will start flying purchases to customers starting at a distance of 30 minutes or less.  Interestingly, Amazon filed for the patent to enable drone surveillance in 2015 and just received the patent this month.  No word on if or when Amazon will offer drone surveillance to its custome…

Important Innovations Collection: "How to Use AI and AR" - Book by Edward Kane

"How to Use AI & AR" by Journalist Edward Kane

This new book by journalists Edward Kane and me, Maryanne Kane provides news summaries on the latest,  most innovative uses of artificial intelligence and augmented reality.  It's an invaluable reference guide on the exciting, new applications of AI and AR across industries, including robotics, medicine and entertainment.  For more information, including a free Kindle borrow, go to
Important Innovations Collection: "How to Use AI and AR" - Book by Edward Kane: “How to Use AI and AR”   by Journalist Edward Kane There are several emerging areas of innovation that are leading avenues of e...

Important Innovations Collection: MIT's AI Pizzas

Not Your Ordinary Pizza: New AI that Goes Way Beyond Pizzas

MIT Breakthrough Neural Network
MIT's breakthrough AI neural network is called PizzaGAN.  It can look at a photo of a pizza, determine the ingredients and the order of the layering.  This is not just about pizzas.  The AI was developed by MIT's CSAIL (Computer Science and Artificial Lab) and it has a very wide application from domestic robots to construction robotic systems using AI to understand pictures and execute on tasks.  For more details go to Important Innovations Collection: MIT's AI Pizzas: Artificial Intelligence Goes From Looking at Pizza Photos to Perfect Pizza Cooking with AI MIT's prestigious Computer Science and...

Supersonic Passenger Jet Unveiled

Lockheed Martin Goes Supersonic

Travelling Faster than the Speed of Sound
Lockheed Martin just unveiled its conceptual design for a sleek, supersonic passenger jet that will travel at the speed of Mach 1.8   It will be able to carry up to 40 passengers and is yet another sign that commercial passenger jet travel is about to become super fast.

The Quiet Supersonic Technology Airline
The aircraft is called the Quiet Supersonic Technology Airline.  The design moves forward into the commercial passenger realm Lockheed Martin's work with NASA on the X-59 Supersonic X-Plane, which is now being tested. The aircraft doesn't create the intense sonic boom that the Concorde did when it crossed the sound barrier several decades ago.  The boom banned the Concorde from land routes and undermined its economic feasibility.  The new SST both for NASA and commercial travel is designed to reach supersonic speeds with no big sonic booms.

Long Range, Super Fast Flying
Lockheed Martin's supersonic…

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Environmental Innovations" by Jou...


This new book is a compendium of new summaries on the latest new technological innovations designed to start alleviating climate change.  It's a valuable guide book and resource of quick, easy news reads.Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Environmental Innovations" by Jou...: New Innovations Addressing Climate Change In “List of  Top, New Environmental Innovations” we showcase the latest innovations ad...

Important Innovations Collection: Himalayan Glaciers Melting Rapidly

Himalayan Glaciers Melting Twice as Fast as Expected

New Research Study from Columbia University
Columbia University scientists have analyzed imagery from Cold War era spy satellites and compared it to glacier ice melt rates in the Himalayas since 2000.  Their findings are sobering.  The ice melt has doubled in speed since 2000 when compared to the melt between 1975 and 2000.  The glaciers are melting 1% or by 8 billion + tons every year.  For a news blog with more details, go to
Important Innovations Collection: Himalayan Glaciers Melting Rapidly: New Columbia University Study:  Twice As Fast As Expected Source:  Himalayan Glaciers stock image Revelation from Spy Satellite Image...

Minimalist Shoe Innovation

New Link Flip Shoe With a Lot of Sole

Part Flip Flop, Part Shoe
This invention is a new and creative approach to minimalist footwear.  The top is totally open and a sturdy bottom wraps around the heel, sides and toe to secure itself to the foot.  It's called  the Link Flip Shoe and it's being touted as creative and innovative.

Footwear Innovation
The company claims it's as safe as sneakers and as comfortable as flip-flops.  It strikes me conceptually as a combination of barefoot running shoes and flip-flops.  The open top allow for more air and less chafing and the strong sole features a breathable insole and interlaced flex joints for better traction.

For Running Too
The company calls it the world's first Flip Shoe that is as free as flip-flops and safe as shoes. It's a sole based shoe with arch support.  It's patented technology that you can also run in.

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Robots" by Edward Kane

"List of Top New Robots" by journalist Ed Kane

This is a handy reference book of news summaries by journalists Ed Kane and me, Maryanne Kane on the latest, top robots invented globally.  It's a very valuable reference book on the latest in robotics that's a fun and quick read  For more information, go to
Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Robots" by Edward Kane: “List of Top New Robots” by Journalist Edward Kane Latest Top, New Robots From Around the World “List of Top New Robots” fills y...

Classic Cars Go Electric

North Macedonia Company Wire Vintage Cars Electric

Balkan Nation Going Green  on Its Own
BB Classic Cars in Skopje, North Macedonia is promoting green technology by restoring classic cars and converting them to electric.  The converted cars are being fitted with electric motors from Germany's Kessler.

European Union
This is the first major attempt in the Balkan nation to produce its own electric cars.  BB Classic is getting some support from the government's Innovation Fund.  North Macedonia wants to join the European Union where tougher emissions standards are due in 2020.

among the many classic cars it's working on, BB Classic Cars have converted the supermini Zastava 750, which is an upgraded Fiat once popular in Yugoslavia, into an electric car.  It's a zero emissions statement by North Macedonia about contributing to a greener, cleaner planet.

A Robot that Really Drives

Bot in the Driver's Seat

Beyond Autonomous
Israeli start-up IVObility is developing a robot that can sit in the driver's seat of an ordinary car and drive it.  The robot does this with sensors and cameras that see exactly what a human driver sees and the bot drives accordingly.  This is a new iteration on autonomous vehicles.

Remarkable Technology & Innovation
The driver robot is set to launch in 2020 at first for government and commercial uses that don't run on public roads.  A consumer version is also being considered.  What's remarkable is that the robot in the driver's seat doesn't require special drive-by-wire equipment.  It's able to drive autonomously on its own technological capacity.  IVObility stands for Intelligent Vehicle Operator and mobility.

Important Innovations Collection: "How to Travel in the Future" by Edward Kane

New Book on Travel Innovations

New book by journalist Ed Kane on the future of travel.  Inventions and emerging vehicle innovation for land, sea and air.
Important Innovations Collection: "How to Travel in the Future" by Edward Kane: Future of Travel Innovations Flying cars created by Terrafugia are going on sale for consumers to purchase in the United States w...

Important Innovations Collection: Israeli's Alice All Electric Plane

Israel's New All Electric Commuter Plane - Alice

On Display at the Paris Air Show and Already Has 1st Commercial Customer
Alice is an all electric, 9 seat commuter jet now on display at the Paris Air Show.  It's the invention of Israeli startup Eviation.  Massachusetts based, Cape Air - a regional air line - has taken out an option to purchase a number of the $4 million jets.  For more details, go to  Important Innovations Collection: Israeli's Alice All Electric Plane: On Display at Paris Air Show Source:  Eviation's Alive at Paris Air Show, June 16, 2019 Massachusetts Based Cape Air is First Com...

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Best New Innovations" by Journalist Edwar...

"List of Best New Innovations"  - Unique Guide Book on New, Top Global Innovations

If you want to be in the know about the latest, biggest global innovations, our new book is the place to start a new conversation.  My brother Ed and I are journalists and we've compiled a book of lists with accompanying news briefs on what are new, trending, and big innovations impacting our lives for the better.  Important Innovations Collection: "List of Best New Innovations" by Journalist Edwar...: "List of Best New Innovations" "List of Best New Innovations" is a compendium of professional news summa...

Supersonic Passenger Flights Near Takeoff

FAA Re-writing the Rules

Flying Beyond the Speed of Sound
At the Paris Air Show, FAA Acting Administrator Dan Elwell said the United States is changing the regulations to enable testing and the reintroduction of supersonic flights for passengers.  This is a major milestone for the return of civilian supersonic flights in the United States.

New Generations of SST
For the flying public and aviation enthusiasts, this is exciting news because there are many innovative supersonic aircraft projects well underway.  Companies like Boom Technologies and Aerion, as well as NASA, are working on next generation SST aircraft to replace the Concorde which ended flights in 2003.  The FAA's plans will give these companies a more efficient process to make SST travel a reality again. Elwell added the FAA and US Department of Transportation are committed to safe and environmentally sound R&D of supersonic aircraft.

Important Innovations Collection: Rockin' Sunglasses

Sunglasses to Block Harmful Rays and Play Music in Your Ears

Bose Frames
This is innovation news that you can use in the outdoors and while driving.  Bose Frames are sunglasses that play your favorite songs while protecting you against harmful UVA&B rays.  It's a classic gadget innovation that's practical, useable and relatively affordable at $200.00 For more information, go to Important Innovations Collection: Rockin' Sunglasses: Bose Audio Sunglasses Source:  Bose Sun and Sound - Bose Frames This is one of the coolest new gadgets of 2019.  Bose Frames has a se...

Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Gadgets" by journalists Edward Ka...

This is the latest book we've written as journalists specializing in the latest global innovations that will be impactful on your life and make it better.  We've enabled a free Kindle borrow on it.  For details go to Important Innovations Collection: "List of Top New Gadgets" by journalists Edward Ka...: “List of Top New Gadgets” by journalists Edward Kane and Maryanne Kane is loaded with the latest new gadgets just invented around t...

Radical New Drone

ROTORwing VTOL Drone

New Species of Aircraft This is very innovative drone and aviation technology from DZYNE Technologies.  The company calls it a new aircraft species with its rotating wing design.  The wings of the ROTORwing VTOL drone can also work as helicopter blades.  The wings combine the functions of a fixed wing and propellers.   Conventional drones fly and land using separate fixed wings and a propeller.  Combining the two makes this flying machine radically different.
VTOL For a Variety of Missions from Intelligence Gathering to Package Deliveries With advanced vertical takeoff and landing, the drone can take off from virtually anywhere and is airport runway independent. The company says it has a three hour ++ range, silent electric propulsion and can perform a variety of services from intelligence gathering to package deliveries.
Innovative Aviation Technology The new drone has a set of top mounted fixed wings, each with a propeller.  The wings can rotate to form a helicopte…

Important Innovations Collection: Air Pollution Monitored on Every Street

Nano-sensors to Detect Air Pollution on Every Street

New Tech Innovation from Sweden
This new technology was just developed by a researcher at Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden.  It's a nano-sensor that can be attached to streetlights to monitor air pollution.  The sensor is tiny, portable, cheap, simple and capable of detecting very low amounts of air pollution such as nitrogen dioxide which causes respiratory damage and heart disease. It's already being deployed in western Sweden.  For more information go to
Important Innovations Collection: Air Pollution Monitored on Every Street: New Optical Nano-sensors Source:  Chalmers University Small Enough to Mount on Streetlights This is new innovation developed at Chal...

Tail-Wagging IPO

Online Pet Retailer Chewys' Initial Public Offering

Combining Pet Products and Online Innovation
Chewys, which is PetSmart's online retailer, just launched an Initial Public Offering that has resulted in a market cap of $14 billion.  Out of the box the share price was targeted at $22.00 but it soared 59% to $35.00  It's one of the top IPO's of 2019 on the NYSE

Going to the Dogs and Cats and Loving It
The online pet retail company is based in Dania Beach, FL.  It is the latest unprofitable technology company to enjoy an IPO surge this year.  Investors are clearly banking on Americans' increased spending on their pets - $73 billion last year - and the migration to doing the spending online.  The company says it is considering expanding overseas and also expanding inhouse brands including its pet pharmacy online.  In this case, you might say "going to the dogs" is a good place to be.

Terrestrial Flying Saucer - New Aviation Tech

Flying Romanian Style

Inventor Says Could Revolutionize the Way We Fly It's called the ADIFO, the All Directional Flying Object, created by Romanian engineer Razvan Sabie.  The saucer form has been designed for maximum maneuverability. The aircraft is a hyper agile, omnidirectional, supersonic flying saucer.
Unique and Innovative Disruptor The device is unique in the world.  It can travel in any direction at subsonic and supersonic speeds.  It won the International Press award and Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva.  At the moment, it's a test model, that tested well a few weeks ago. It has a promising future to revolutionize current flight technologies.  For free Kindle borrows of books on innovation in travel, go to B07MY8C3HG

Important Innovations Collection: New Wound Healing - Medical Innovation

New Wound Healing Device

Medical Hot Glue Gun
Scientists at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have developed an innovative medical device to deliver more rapid healing and reduced scarring from serious puncture wounds.  They all it the Hot Glue Gun and say it works better than staples, stitches and pins to adhere tissue that's been seriously damaged.  The device fuses tissue with a biocompatible substance.  For more details on what appears to be very significant medical device innovation, go to
Important Innovations Collection: New Wound Healing - Medical Innovation: Hot Medical Glue Gun Injects Wound Healing Material Source:  Technion-Israel Institute of Technology Wound Healing Gun Innovation from...

US MQ-9 Reaper Drones in Poland

Highly Advanced Spy Drone that has Russia Very Concerned

US Air Force's MQ-9 Reaper Drones Russia is very concerned about a US plan to deploy spy drones in Poland.  It's the MQ-9 Reaper drone which is an unmanned aerial vehicle that's capable of remote controlled or autonomous flight operations.  It was developed by General Atomics for the US Air Force.  It has a maximum speed of 300 mph and a range of 1,150 miles.  According to experts, this drone technology is very advanced and has greatly increased the US ability to monitor vast areas of Eastern Europe.
MQ-9 Reaper Already There According to several reports, a squadron of MQ-9 drones are fully operational from an air base in Poland.  President Trump also plans to send 1000 US troops to Poland to deter any Russian aggression.  Today, a Russian Deputy Foreign Minister expressed Russia's deep concern about the drones, saying they demonstrate US "aggressive intentions".

Important Innovations Collection: India Building Space Tech Leadership

India Establishing its Space Tech Leadership

Second Lunar Mission and Planned Space Station
India is building leadership in space technology.  It announced today plans for a second lunar mission set for mid-July.  It also disclosed plan to launch its own space station.  For a news blog on these important developments, go to Important Innovations Collection: India Building Space Tech Leadership: Launching Own Space Station Source:  ISRO Announces Second Lunar Mission India is establishing itself as a global space leader.  It ...

Relativity to 3D Print Rockets

NASA Leases the Start-Up Space

Space Odyssey to Mars
Relativity is a Los Angeles based, venture capital backed rocket maker.  It just leased 220,000 sq. feet of space at a NASA facility in Mississippi to 3D print low cost rockets to launch small payload satellites into orbit.

Money for Mars
One of the company's big goals is to manufacture rockets on Mars.  CEO Tim Ellis, who was an executive at Jeff Bezos' space company Blue Origin, says that is the first priority for space colonization. The company hopes to generate cash by using the Terran 1 rockets that it will 3D print in Mississippi to launch small satellites.  It will use the cash to develop a team of machine learning robots that can manufacture and assemble its Terran 1 rockets on Mars with no human help.

Rocket Maker in Orbit
The giant 3D printers on the ground in Mississippi can produce a rocket in under 60 days.  The Terran 1 is expected to launch in 2020 and will cost satellite makers $10 million a flight.  CEO Ellis h…

Important Innovations Collection: VW, Ford Close to Partnership

VW & Ford Finalizing Partnership on Electric, Autonomous Vehicles

The combination of VW and Ford developing electric and autonomous vehicles would be an industry powerhouse.  Their goal is to cost effectively create new innovation in electric, autonomous vehicles by adding scale and spreading out the cost. VW CEO Herbert Diess disclosed today that the discussions are going very well and are just about completed.  For a more detailed news blog, go to
Important Innovations Collection: VW, Ford Close to Partnership: Teaming Up to Develop Electric & Autonomous Cars Source:  VW Electric Concept Vehicle 2019 Big New Technology Combination VW and...

Hailing Flying Taxis in Melbourne

Uber Announces Air Taxi Test Flights in Melbourne, Australia & Deals with AT&T, Signature

Test Flights in Three Global Cities 2020
A lot of news from Uber today. Uber Technologies has selected Australia's second largest city, Melbourne, as the first international test site for its air taxi service.  The test flights will start in 2020 in Melbourne, along with test flights in previously announced Dallas and Los Angeles.  The test service will link central city locations with nearby airports.

Commercial Launch 2023
The Uber air taxi fleet is electric powered and can be ordered on demand by customers through smartphone apps.  The fleet will have vertical takeoff, vertical landing and rapid horizontal flight.  The electric powered vehicles are part helicopter, part drone and part fixed wing aircraft with multiple small rotors.  Uber plans to provide commercial, on demand, ride-sharing air taxi service in 2023.  They also are exploring more locations for test flights including in…

Important Innovations Collection: Floating 'Forests' Protecting Shores

New Innovation - Floating Forests Protecting Vulnerable Coastlines

Dissipating Wind and Wave Damage
This is new innovation from Australia designed to protect coastline areas from wind and wave damage during natural disasters like hurricanes.  Civil engineers at the University of Queensland have designed and patented what they call "Floating Forests".  The structure is a floating concrete breakwater topped with a windbreaker.  The breakwater dissipates the energy of the oncoming waves and the windbreaker of "trees" is composed of 65 foot tall tubes of concrete and plastic that reduce the force of the wind.  The structure is a half mile long and is specifically designed for coastal areas that get hard hit by hurricanes/cyclones.  For more details, go to my fellow journalist Ed Kane's blog at  Important Innovations Collection: Floating 'Forests' Protecting Shores: New Innovation from Australia Source:  University of Queensland Preventing Hurricane Wi…

Important Innovations Collection: France Bans Fossil Fuel Cars by 2040

France Moves Forward On Banning Fossil Fuel Cars by 2040

Big Environmental Move
France is taking a major step to make its carbon footprint neutral by 2050 and ban gas and diesel powered vehicles starting in 2040.  This is an important step by a nation to stop climate change and save the environment. For a great news blog, go to Important Innovations Collection: France Bans Fossil Fuel Cars by 2040: Part of French New Mobility Law Source:  Traffic in Paris, Stock Image More Mobility, Less Carbon Dioxide The goal of the government...

New Astronomical Vacations

Total Eclipse of the Sun in Chile

Chile's Astronomical Tourists
The brilliantly clear skies above northern Chile will host a total eclipse of the sun in early July.  It is drawing a new and innovative type of tourism.  Visitors who want to witness first hand a very rare sight through crystal clear skies and see global phenomena at their best in real time.

Flights and Hotel Rooms Going Like Hot Cakes
Many hotels have no rooms left in Northern Chile for the solar and lunar event.  Flights are also being books out quickly.

Chile and the Skies
Chile is considered paradise for astronomers.  There are dozens of powerful telescopes, advanced technology and astronomical research studies underway.  Of interest, total eclipses are a very rare occurrence.  At any particular location, they occur once in 360 years.  This early July event will be visible in parts of Argentina and New Zealand.  What a fabulous sight!  Puts the beauty of the universe in full perspective.

Important Innovations Collection: Warming Up to Siberia

Climate Change Warming Siberia

New Science:  Large Parts of Asian Russia will be Habitable by 2080
This is another dramatic example of the impact of Global Warming.  New science, just released by a team of US and Russian scientists, forecasts that large parts of Siberia will have much warmer temperatures and be habitable for humans by 2080.  For a great news blog on this go to
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Blockbuster Defense Deal

United Technologies and Raytheon Merger

Creates a $160 Billion Defense & Aerospace Giant
In a blockbuster announcement, United Technologies, with a market value of $114 billion and Raytheon, with a market value of $52 billion, have agreed to merge their aerospace and defense businesses.  That creates an industry leader valued at $160 billion.  The new company will be called Raytheon Technologies Corporation.  The companies anticipate annual cost savings a $1 billion.

Merger of Equals
The companies term this a "merger of equals".  It's an all stock deal.  The companies  say that by joining forces they have "unsurpassed technology and expanded R&D capabilities" to deliver innovation.  They add the merger will "deliver cost and revenue synergies". There was some speculation that the two New England based companies were talking, but Sunday's announcement that the two global aerospace businesses are merging came as a big surprise. The new entity …

Being Bullet Proof

Vehicle Armor - As Good As Steel, Half the Weight

New Invention - Composite Metal Foam
Engineers at North Carolina State University have invented a composite metal foam (CMF) that is able to stop .50 caliber armor piercing bullets.  The lead inventor is NCSU Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Afsaneh Rabiei.  They've done so by embedding steel spheres inside the steel matrix of the CMF.

New Armor Plate for Military Vehicles
The new material for bullet proofing is designed for military vehicles.  The invention is as strong and protective as steel but is half the weight.  That will enable designers of military vehicles to make them much lighter.

Withstands Rounds at Impact Velocities of 885 mph
The foam is placed between a ceramic faceplate and thin aluminum backplate.  The armor is strong enough to absorb 78% of the kinetic energy from .50 caliber armor piercing bullets with an impact velocity of 885 mph.  They add there is little indentation to the armor.

Important Innovations Collection: Global Oceans Awash in Plastic

On World Ocean Day, a Rising Tide of Plastic Pollution

Awash in Plastic
On World Ocean Day 2019 there is growing evidence that the global problem of ocean pollution from plastic waste is getting worse.  By latest estimates there are 5 trillion pieces of plastic waste in global oceans.  Every year another 8 million metric tons of plastic are dumped in the ocean.  Once pristine ocean areas from California to Spain are facing pollution problems.  For a detailed news blog, go to

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