SpaceX Launches Falcon Heavy with Innovation Onboard

24 Satellites Onboard to Advance Science & Tech

Source:  NOAA Satellite Image of SpaceX Falcon Heavy 

So Far, So Good and Elon Musk Is In Orbit
Entrepreneur and inventor Elon Musk's company SpaceX acknowledges that this is one of their most difficult launches ever.  They just launched their Falcon Heavy rocket and it is zooming into space from Cape Canaveral, Florida.  The mission is highly complicated as it is delivering 24 satellites to a variety of orbits over multiple hours.  It's the epic commuter space trip with so many time and location destinations.

Fascinating Destinations and Missions on This SpaceX Trip
On board the SpaceX rocket, 25% of the satellites are for weather and climate date collection.  Other satellites includes those to test cleaner, greener and more efficient spacecraft fuels.  There's also a NASA atomic clock and a non-profit organization's attempt to advance solar sailing technology.  This mission is loaded with exciting technology innovation that going into space right now.


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