Ericsson's Fully Automated Smart Factory - a First

Coming to the US - 5G Radios & Rapid 5G Deployment
Source:  Ericsson

To Open in 2020
Ericsson, the Swedish telecom equipment company, is building its first fully automated smart factory
in the world, in the US.  The location hasn't been disclosed pending discussion outcomes with state and local officials.  The facility will produce Advanced Antenna System radios to increase network capacity and coverage in rural areas and 5G radios for urban areas.  Both are necessary for rapid 5G deployment in North America.

Factory that's 5G and Largely Autonomous
The smart factory will be operational in early 2020, is largely autonomous and will employ 100 workers.  What's smart and exciting about this facility is that it will use industrial 5G to connect machines and sensors.  The factory will have automated warehousing, autonomous carts, autonomous assembly - packing - product handling and connected logistics.

Factory of the Future is Here, Green and Sustainable
The new, smart factory is part of Ericsson's focus on a flexible global supply chain to enable it to work closely with customers through its European, Asian and US operations.This certainly is the "factory of the future" which Ericsson says will also be green and sustainable.


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