Supersonic Passenger Jet Unveiled

Lockheed Martin Goes Supersonic

Source:  Lockheed Martine Supersonic Design Concept

Travelling Faster than the Speed of Sound
Lockheed Martin just unveiled its conceptual design for a sleek, supersonic passenger jet that will travel at the speed of Mach 1.8   It will be able to carry up to 40 passengers and is yet another sign that commercial passenger jet travel is about to become super fast.

The Quiet Supersonic Technology Airline
The aircraft is called the Quiet Supersonic Technology Airline.  The design moves forward into the commercial passenger realm Lockheed Martin's work with NASA on the X-59 Supersonic X-Plane, which is now being tested. The aircraft doesn't create the intense sonic boom that the Concorde did when it crossed the sound barrier several decades ago.  The boom banned the Concorde from land routes and undermined its economic feasibility.  The new SST both for NASA and commercial travel is designed to reach supersonic speeds with no big sonic booms.

Long Range, Super Fast Flying
Lockheed Martin's supersonic passenger jet is powered by twin engines and has a range of 5200 nautical miles.  It would cut flight times on a 5000 mile route such as London to Tokyo by 4 and a half hours.  There are no time projections on when it might go into production.  But Lockheed Martin says it's ready to move forward once NASA approves the design for the X-Plane.


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