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Airbus Electric Hybrid Planes E-Flying

E-Hybrid Plans Ramping Up
Cleaner, Greener Flying Airbus is moving forward on plans to produce hybrid electric planes for commercial use by 2035.  This is part of Airbus' major focus to develop and manufacture low emissions aircraft.  Global air travel spews millions of tons of carbon dioxide from jet fuel into the atmosphere.  Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury confirmed that he's moving ahead with the industry's first program to potentially develop and produce fleets of hybrid electric aircraft.  He confirmed his electric hybrid plane goals during a conversation with reporters this weekend.
E-Thrust Concept: Electric-Hybrid Flying Commitment with Greatly Reduced Emissions Airbus' commitment to developing greener energy sources to power jets is clear.  In May, Airbus and SAS Scandinavian Airlines signed an agreement to partner on research for electric and hybrid aircraft designs.  Their E-Thrust concept is an example of the future of flying with a serial hybrid propulsion syste…

Russia Tests Hypersonic Missile

Mid-November Hypersonic Test in Russian Arctic

"Unbeatable" According to President Putin
The Russian news agency Tass, citing military sources, reports that Russia tested a hypersonic missile over the Russian Arctic within the past two weeks.  A MIG 31 Intercept jet performed the testing of the Kinjal Dagger hypersonic missile.

Ground Target
The missile was fired against a ground target at the Pemboi training grounds in Russia's Arctic Komi region.  No other details were provided.  Russian President Vladimir Putin has bragged that the Dagger missile is unbeatable and capable of evading any enemy defenses.  The Kinjal Dagger is said to be capable of hitting targets 1,250 miles away with conventional or nuclear warheads travelling at hypersonic speeds.  Average hypersonic speeds range from Mach 5-10.

Danish Defense Warning
Meanwhile in its annual risk assessment report, the Danish Defense Intelligence Service warned of a "great power play" shaping up between the US,…

Big Auto Going Global Electric

BMW & Tesla Expanding Production of Electric Vehicles in China

Tesla's Cybertruck About to Set a Record BMW is significantly expanding its global electric vehicle operations.  BMW and its Chinese partner Great Wall announced today that they plan to build a $716 million plant in China big enough to manufacture 160,000 electric cars a year.  The plant will produce electric MINI's for BMW and also Great Wall electric vehicles.  Great Wall is China's #1 SUV and pickup truck manufacturer. Meanwhile, US-based Tesla is close to setting a new record with its electric pick-up Cybertruck.
Big China Electric Vehicle Market Expansions The BMW-Great Wall plant is due to open in 2022 near Shanghai.  For e-car makers, the opportunity in China is huge.  China has new quotas starting in 2025 requiring that 20% of total vehicle sales are electric and rechargeable hybrids.  Automakers and suppliers are diligently working to meet these tough, new, antipollution standards that China is enfor…

E-motorbikes Solar Powered

Motosola Solar Canopy
Solar Biking The Motosola solar canopy mounted on top of an electric motorcycle charges the battery of an electric bike by solar energy. In Asia, canopies on bikes are common to protect the riders from the sun.  Motosola has taken that concept to a new level by inventing a canopy that's essentially a solar panel to pull in and utilize the energy of the sun to charge electric vehicles.  The system consists of the canopy and a charge inverter.  It's available as a 100 W or 150 W system.  The company's prototype system in Shenzhen, China has been driven for more than three months without needing any recharge.  The solar system has been sufficient to keep the batteries charged.
Green, CleanBiking The company says that the system can generate up to 1.5kWh of electricity per day whether the bike is being ridden or it's parked.  It's said to be easy to install and compatible with most motorbikes.  When parked the canopy can be tilted to a 45 degree ang…

Self-Heating Lunchbox for Hot Meals

Heatbox, the Self-Heating Lunchbox from the Netherlands

Mobile Hot Meals This is another example of great innovation from the Netherlands. Heatbox warms food with steam. The steam is created by the lunchbox's heating element working with a small amount of water.  It was created by the Netherlands start-up Heatbox. The device is portable and small enough to fit in a backpack.  It's rechargeable and can work multiple times a day. The smart lunchbox heats your food in minutes.  It enables the user to have a hot meal wherever they are.
Heatbox and Your Phone Heatbox can be controlled manually or by a smartphone app.  It can even charge your cellphone.  The device has a modern, sleek design.  It appears to have great potential for students and anyone on the go.  It's in the Kickstarter phase with product deliveries set for July 2020.  It's a breakthrough gadget that provides mobile hot meals.  For a free Kindle borrow of journalist Ed Kane's book "List of Top New Gad…

E-Vehicle Models Accelerating Choice

Lincoln's 2022 Electric SUV

Startup Rivian  Forging the Way with Unique E-Vehicle Platform Reports indicate that Lincoln will be a big beneficiary of Ford's $500 million investment in Detroit e-vehicle startup Rivian.  Amazon is also investing in the company.  Lincoln is expected to use Rivian's skateboard-styled platform for a Lincoln electric SUV coming out in 2022.  This would be the first example of Ford's plans to co-develop a vehicle based on Rivian's electric car platform.
Rivian's e-Vehicles Rivian's platform is a highly modular, battery-electric design.  It resembles a skateboard.  The system can deliver up to 700 horsepower.  It fits batteries up to 180 kilowatt hours in size.  Rivian is using the platform for its own R1T pick-up truck and R1S SUV that will go into production in late 2020.  Rivian says the SUV gets 400 miles in range.  And in 30 minutes, the batteries charge to add 200 more miles in range.
Ford Going Electric Ford is significantly in…

New Metal for Next-G Soft Robots

Breakthrough New Material from National University of Singapore

Next Generation of Soft, Conductive Robots An innovative, new metallic material that bends, folds and stretches has just been unveiled by inventors at the National University of Singapore.  Experts say this material is so innovative it could lead to a next generation of soft conductive robots.
Singapore Innovation The team at NUS developed a new process called "graphene oxide-enabled templating synthesis".  They take paper, soak it in graphene oxide, dip it in metallic ions and burn it twice.  The result is a thin metal layer that can stretch, bend and fold.  It can withstand high temperatures, remain electrically conductive and function as an antenna for wireless devices.
De-icing Robots The inventors say the new metal's properties could allow robots made with a backbone of the material to operate in hazardous conditions and de-ice themselves if necessary.  For a free listen to my audiobook "Important Inn…

Riding an E Pickup Truck Future

Tesla, GM, Ford Charging Ahead with E-Pickups

Big SUV and Pickup Truck Green Driving Big news.  Tesla's all electric Cybertruck has picked up 200,000 orders in the three days following its launch in Los Angeles.  That's a big deal.  People love the sleek armored truck look and power of the electric muscle truck that is Tesla CEO Elon Musk's pet project.  Engineer Musk made the truck of the same steel he uses at Space X for his rockets. Buyers apparently forgave the faux paus of the bullet proof windows shattering twice when hit by a metallic ball at its debut.  Production on Cybertruck starts in two years.  Prices start at $40,000 and the vehicle has a battery range on the top class model of 500 miles.  Musk has some time to work on the shattered glass of the shatterproof windows.
All Electric Pickup Wars GM just announced it will deliver an all electric pickup truck by fall of 2021.  Ford will deliver on an all electric pickup truck F150 at about the same time.  And a Detro…

Electric Mountain Biking News

New Study:  Less Tiring, Just as Good Exercise

Brigham Young University Research
New research from Brigham Young University indicates pedaling on an electric mountain bike with pedal-assist is a great workout and the effort seems easier from the rider's physical and psychological perspectives.  The study suggests that electric mountain bikes may help cyclists maintain or increase fitness during their workout.

Variety of Electric Bike Rides
Electric bikes are becoming increasingly common particularly in the US, Europe and Asia.  They're equipped with a small electric motor and battery. The pedal-assist electric bikes provide a boost of extra power which is the equivalent to a tailwind. Riders say the pedal assist makes hills flatter and distances shorter.  Throttle assist electric bikes power the bike even when you're not pedaling.

Pedal-Assist Research
The Brigham Young study found that with pedal-assist their 33 test riders went on average 4mph faster and found the ride eas…

Tesla's Electric Muscle Cybertruck

Inspired by James Bond 007

Futuristic Design but Shattered Windshield Needs Work
It was an embarrassing moment for Tesla CEO Elon Musk this week.  His pet project, Cybertruck, the all electric muscle truck with what was billed as bulletproof windows, wasn't bulletproof.  During its debut launch in Los Angeles, the shatterproof windows shattered when hit by a metallic ball.  Musk watched in horror as his armored glass windows were smashed into broken glass, not once but twice by a metallic ball.  Obviously, the windows need more work.  But, the cybertruck is a striking piece of engineering and a world first as a green, electric pickup truck, which Musk thinks is essential to start cleaning up toxic exhaust from trucks

Like a Space X Rocket
The truck is made of the same stainless steel used by Musk's SpaceX for space rockets.  The steel is designed to make the cybertruck an armored truck that is so bulletproof that a 9mm Lugar round can't penetrate it.  The cybertruck design w…

SunUp Solar Panel Travels With You

Wearable  Solar Panel

Innovation from UK
This is a wearable solar panel that's called SunUp for easy use to travel with you.  There's a lot unique about this technology.  But a couple of outstanding points.  These are flexible solar panels that can fit around your backpack as you walk to university.  Or they are flexible enough to fit around a tent as you go on a forest adventure.  Or they wrap around your boat in a stream.  This portable system pulls in 15 watts of solar energy to fully charge a mobile device within 12 hours. This device is a national top runner-up at the James Dyson Awards.

UK Brunel University Innovation
This new, green energy system comes from the UK's Brunel University and design student Bradley Brister.  The design overcomes low efficiency, thin film silicon panels that have traditionally been used in flexible displays to pull in solar energy.  What's innovative is that Brunel has changed the game by using triangles of polycrystalline panels joined…

New Enchanting Children's Fiction

"How Dare You" by journalist Edward Kane

Adventure Story with Life Lessons
This new work of fiction for kids by my fellow journalist & brother Ed Kane is magical, instructional and educational.  "How Dare You" is 5-star rated on Amazon and showcases a young girl facing a very common but difficult problem for kids.....moving to a new neighborhood, starting at a new school and having no friends.  In fact, not knowing anyone there and feeling very lonely. It's a tough and difficult situation for any child to face.

Running and Winning at Life
The story takes young readers, listeners (audiobook also) and their parents on a magical adventure to a life changing solution.  Through cross country running, the heroine Cordy experiences an enchanted forest of fireflies that comes alive and adventures that win friends, teach teamwork and reveal the goodness sometimes hidden in others.  Along the running route of Cordy's young life, her dog Bash is always there by her …

Egypt Launches into Space

Egypt To Launch 1st Communications Satellite on Friday

TIBA-1 to Provide Egypt Call and Internet Full Service Egypt is sending its first communications satellite into orbit on Friday.  The government believes this will improve its communications infrastructure and internet services and also attract new investors.  The satellite will work along with existing land and telecommunications infrastructure.  Egypt believes that a strong communications network is essential to its economic growth.  Interestingly, the satellite called TIBA-1's coverage area includes nearby Arab and African nations.  The Egyptian government may sell those areas new satellite services.
Launch Date Friday The Friday launch of Egypt's first communications satellite will take place from a space center in French Guiana in one of Europe's Arianespace rockets.  The satellite is 5.6 tons and was made by Airbus and Thales Alenia Space.  It will stay in orbit for 15 years to provide all of Egypt with strong call…

Amazon's Cashierless Supermarkets

Grocery Shopping with No Checkout Lines

Amazon Tech - Amazon Go
Amazon is introducing a grocery shopping experience with no checkout lines.  Your grocery shopping is monitored by cameras, machine learning and a smartphone app.  When you leave the supermarket, you're automatically billed for your purchases by Amazon. There are no checkout lines, no cashiers.  It's grocery shopping ease through new Amazon technology which it's expected to rollout and expand store operations in the first quarter of 2020.  The base technology is Amazon Go.

Amazon Go
Amazon is a global retailing behemoth created by entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos and his mother, first to sell books.  It's made Jeff Bezos, by expanding his retail lines way beyond books, into the #1 or #2 richest person in the world.  It's only natural that Bezos would target grocery shopping through his proprietary online technology in a big way.  It looks like he's ready to greatly grow his Amazon Go technology.  Also, there…

Important Innovations Collection: Saturn's Titan Moon & Life

NASA Discovery: Possibilities of Life on Saturn's Biggest Moon Titian

Does Life Exist Beyond Earth?
The images from NASA are mesmerizing.  This is the terrain of Titan, which is Saturn's largest moon.  There are oceans and lakes of liquid methane, vast plains and dunes of frozen organic material, which is the basis of life.  These are the first ever global geological maps of Titan, provided by NASA.  NASA scientists say they suggest the possibility of life of some form is possible on Titan. NASA has a Dragonfly mission with a drone to explore Titan in upcoming years,  For more details on the possibilities, go to Important Innovations Collection: Saturn's Titan Moon & Life: New Science from NASA - Possibility of Life on Titan, Saturn's Largest Moon Source:   NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Moonscapes, Science...

Ford's New Mustang E-SUV

Ford Ponies Up Its Latest Mustang that Electric

Fully Electric, Mustang SUV
As we promised in an earlier blog, here's the new Ford Mustang. Ford just unveiled its long awaited, brand new Mustang.  Mach-E, the Mustang inspired vehicle, is a fully electric SUV.  Ford is taking reservations now - a $500 deposit is required - but, you'll have to wait awhile for delivery.  Ford says production will start on the Mach-E at a Ford facility in Mexico in the 4th quarter of 2020.

Sleek, Green Vehicle with Performance
The Mach-E is a 5-passenger crossover electric SUV with style and performance inspired by the original Mustang.  The Mustang is an iconic vehicle, treasured by many, that dates back to the 1960's. The latest iteration on the Mustang theme was unveiled by Ford Executive Chairman Bill Ford and actor Idris Elba in Los Angeles (photo above).

Important Details
The Mach-E is priced to start at $50,000 which experts say may give Tesla a run for its money.  The vehicle has a range …

China's 2020 Mission to Mars

Chinese Mars Lander Passes Important Landing Test

China - Emerging Space Power
China just successfully completed a landing test of its Mars lander that will contain a rover to explore Mars.  This puts China squarely on track for its Mission to Mars in the summer of 2020.  This mission involves landing on and exploring the Red Planet.  Mars is cold and barren but it's considered the only planet other than Earth that is habitable.  The Chinese space mission could contribute to the international effort to learn about and start understanding the climate conditions and mineral resources on Mars.

Billions of Dollars Invested in Space
China is pouring billions of dollars into its military-run space program.  It hopes to have a crewed space station in orbit by 2022.  China's space investment is paying off.  Early in 2019 it landed a rover on the far side of the Moon, which is a first.  Clearly, China is emerging as a major space power along with the US, Russia and Europe.

Safe Landing

1st Electric Sports Racing Plane

Airbus E-Plane Innovation

Future of Flying Electric
At an Airbus sponsored air racing tournament, the world's first electric powered sports/racing aircraft was unveiled.  Airbus is the major developer behind it.  The company is looking to expand its green aerospace technology.  Their electric racing plane prototype is powered by an electric motor and lithium batteries up to speeds of 300 mph.

Green, Speed, Precision
This weekend French pilot Didier Esteyne flew the Airbus E-Fan prototype - named White Lightning - across the English Channel. Air Race E is partnering with Airbus on this.  The e-plane will be manufactured by Corda Aviation based in the UK.  The prototype system is impressive as the electric motor can hit 300 mph, in a tight 3 mile circuit, 10 meters above the ground.

International Races
The racing plane models have a big purpose.  They are designed to accelerate the era of electric commercial air travel and thereby dramatically cut jet fuel emissions.  Also, Air Race E …

Important Innovations Collection: Amazon Instant Preview: Kids Fiction

"How Dare You" By Edward Kane

Adventure Fiction for Kids - Amazon Instant Preview
Fellow journalist Ed Kane has just published a fiction adventure story for children called "How Dare You".  Amazon, Kindle and Audible/ACX have distributed it as an e-book, paperback and audiobook, which I narrated.  To get an instant free preview, click here
And, here's a blog Ed just posted:
Important Innovations Collection: Amazon Instant Preview: Kids Fiction: "How Dare You" by Edward Kane Amazon Instant Free Preview My children's adventure fiction "How Dare You" was j...

World's Smartest City

Google's Futuristic Smart City in Toronto

Urban Tech Living
Sidewalk Labs, owned by Google parent company Alphabet, just rolled out details on its smart city project in Toronto.  The extent of the technology being applied is phenomenal.  Some new details have just been released on the 12 acre site project, which has tentative approval from Waterfront Toronto, the agency overseeing the project.

Details and Highlights
Noise tracking monitors in apartments to eliminate noise pollutionAdaptive street designsResponsive sounds to help the blind and visually impaired navigateInfra-red sensors to count foot traffic in storesSelf-driving garbage cans with volume and optical sensorsMajority of services proposed have been implemented by Sidewalk Labs in city projects around the worldNo facial recognition will be used60% of the services won't generate personal information and the personal data generated won't be shared with 3rd parties.Sidewalk Perspectives
Sidewalk Labs view the project…

Tesla Starts Operations in Germany

Global Electric Vehicle Wars

German Engineering Talent Powers Elon Musk's Move to Europe
Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk has announced that he's starting operations in Germany to produce electric cars and batteries.  This is a tribute to German automation and engineering prowess.  Musk flew in to the US six planeloads of robots and equipment from Germany, in the past year, to accelerate battery production for his luxury electric sedan Model 3.  Germany's automation talent ended bottlenecks in his Tesla plant in California.  It was so successful it's now powering his battery move to Europe via the new operations in Germany.

Direct Global Electric Vehicle Competition
By opening operations in Germany, Tesla is in direct competition with many of the world's top luxury brands headquartered in Germany, including Audi, BMW and Mercedes.  All of these iconic brands are developing their own electric vehicle models.

Electric Vehicle R&D Is Very Expensive
Global automotive c…

Ford's 1st All Electric SUV Preview

Iconic Mustang Brand Going Electric as SUV

The Mach E
Ford just announced, on the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show, a big entry into the electric vehicle global war.  Ford's 1st all electric SUV is called the Mach E and it's a Mustang. Ford says it's designed on the Mustang and not just named after it. Mustang is one of Ford's most successful brands and it goes back to the 1960's.  The Mustang was a groundbreaking design that provided iconic styling, sportsmanship and affordability.  The last time a new version of the Mustang was produced goes back to 1964. Preview for the electric Mustang SUV is Sunday.

Mustang Appeal
Ford thinks that the Mustang  brand will bring a lot of consumer interest in electric, green vehicles particularly for SUV's which are among the most popular modes of transportation   The new Mach E will debut in LA on Sunday.  Following that, Ford will take reservations online for the Mustang Mach E.  It will be available in the US, Europe and Can…

A Drone that Sees Through Walls

For Search and Rescue Incidents

WideSee Systems
This is new technology that's designed to be life-saving.  It's a flying drone equipped to see inside buildings with walls as thick as 1/2 meter of concrete.  An example of where this new search and rescue drone can work is at a high rise apartment building on fire or a corporate structure collapsed by an earthquake.  The WideSee drone mounted scanner can fly around the perimeter of buildings and spot people trapped and in need of rescue inside.

New Technology Developed by 3 Global Universities.
This system doesn't use traditional heat seeking cameras that often are compromised by flames. It uses an adaptation on the commercially available LoRa wireless radio wave system. The radio signals transmitted by the drone can spot people trapped in buildings with very thick concrete walls.  What is additionally so compelling beyond the new breakthrough technology is the global engineering collaboration on this new search and rescue dro…

Apple to Lauch Advanced AR Devices

Augmented Reality Headset and Glasses

2022 and 2023 Apple is looking to release an AR headset by 2022 and a sleek set of AR glasses by 2023. CEO Tim Cook believes AR technology will be potentially as important as the iPhone.  Apple executives briefed their employees on the plans in the past few days.
New 3D Sensor Operating System Reports indicate that Apple intends to use a 3D sensor system to support the AR headset and glasses.  These systems would have the capability to create 3D reconstructions of objects, rooms and people.  New, top of the line iPhones and a new iPad Pro could be available with the 3D sensor operating system in 2020.
New Mixed Reality Systems There are also indications that Apple engineers in the iPhone and iPad groups are working on a mixed reality headset and glasses operating system called rOS.  No details from Apple on that intriguing technology.  For a free Kindle borrow of one of the books I co-authored "How to Use  AI & AR", go to…