New Kids Audiobook "How Dare You" Ed Kane

Fictional Adventure Story for Children, Narrated by me TV Journalist Maryanne Kane

Today Went Live on Audible, iTunes and ACX
I’m pleased to announce that the children’s fiction adventure book “How Dare You” by my brother and fellow TV journalist Edward Kane is now up live as an audiobook on Audible, iTunes and ACX.  The narrator is me, US TV journalist Maryanne Kane.  What I like so much about the book is the unique journey it takes with a young girl facing a very common but difficult situation - loneliness - , her choices, her enchanting adventures and the lessons everyone learns along the way.

Story Line
The story showcases the adventures of Cordy and how she overcomes loneliness in her new neighborhood.  Cordy helps form her school’s cross country team and starts running through an enchanted, magical forest that comes alive.  Along the running route, many friendships are made and important life lessons are learned. I think the lessons are for all of us.  That's why I loved the opportunity to narrate "How Dare You".

We have been provided by ACX, free codes for free copies both in the US and UK.  If you’d like to be one of the 25 people who gets a code, please email Ed at  or me at


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