Your 6G Phone from China

China Is Officially Working on 6G Tech

Source: Stock Image of  6G

6G Tech is Faster than Fast
China has officially started researching and developing 6G technology.  What is the potential of that kind of telecommunications?  The potential is mobile networks that support 1 terabyte per second speeds. A huge leap in communications.  This will be the next generation of cellular data services that will follow the emerging super fast 5G tech systems.

China's Approach
China's approach is official and structured.  Their purpose is to promote the latest wireless technology.  Two offices have been created by the government of China to lead the effort. One office is comprised of Chinese government officials from agencies responsible for policy making.  The second office is composed of their best experts from academia, think tanks  and companies.

6G - The Sky is the Limit
Chinese government officials say 6G technology is in the exploratory phase.  There is no consensus on its potentialities and applications.  The Chinese say there is even no definition of 6G tech itself.  But, clearly the sky is the limit on 6G tech.  And the  Chinese are applying a disciplined and structured approach to their R&D efforts.


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