Amazon's Cashierless Supermarkets

Grocery Shopping with No Checkout Lines

Source:  Amazon

Amazon Tech - Amazon Go
Amazon is introducing a grocery shopping experience with no checkout lines.  Your grocery shopping is monitored by cameras, machine learning and a smartphone app.  When you leave the supermarket, you're automatically billed for your purchases by Amazon. There are no checkout lines, no cashiers.  It's grocery shopping ease through new Amazon technology which it's expected to rollout and expand store operations in the first quarter of 2020.  The base technology is Amazon Go.

Amazon Go
Amazon is a global retailing behemoth created by entrepreneurs Jeff Bezos and his mother, first to sell books.  It's made Jeff Bezos, by expanding his retail lines way beyond books, into the #1 or #2 richest person in the world.  It's only natural that Bezos would target grocery shopping through his proprietary online technology in a big way.  It looks like he's ready to greatly grow his Amazon Go technology.  Also, there are indications he's ready to open a brand new grocery chain brand, along side of Whole Foods and his current 21 Amazon Go stores.

Cashier-Less, No Checkout Line Grocery Shopping
Amazon is poised to rollout its Amazon Go technology of cashier-less grocery shopping that it has introduced in a small format at 21 stores.  Amazon wants to expand the concept into full-scale supermarket size.  In fact, they're testing it at a 10,400 sf. level in Seattle right now.  Amazon wants to go to the traditional supermarket, 30,000 sf level.

2020 Plans
Amazon wants to open larger supermarket and smaller pop-up stores during the first quarter of 2020.  It may even license its cashier-less technology to rival supermarkets, that are also experimenting with cashier-less checkouts.

Amazing Amazon Tech
Here's how Amazon's tech works.  They're using in-store cameras and machine vision to track what customers are purchasing.  That combined with customers scanning an app onto their smartphone that tracks in tandem with the store cameras what the customer is putting in their cart.  When the customer leaves the store, they're automatically billed for their purchases by Amazon. That sounds like a new way to shop for groceries.


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