A Drone that Sees Through Walls

For Search and Rescue Incidents

Source:  University of Leeds

WideSee Systems
This is new technology that's designed to be life-saving.  It's a flying drone equipped to see inside buildings with walls as thick as 1/2 meter of concrete.  An example of where this new search and rescue drone can work is at a high rise apartment building on fire or a corporate structure collapsed by an earthquake.  The WideSee drone mounted scanner can fly around the perimeter of buildings and spot people trapped and in need of rescue inside.

New Technology Developed by 3 Global Universities.
This system doesn't use traditional heat seeking cameras that often are compromised by flames. It uses an adaptation on the commercially available LoRa wireless radio wave system. The radio signals transmitted by the drone can spot people trapped in buildings with very thick concrete walls.  What is additionally so compelling beyond the new breakthrough technology is the global engineering collaboration on this new search and rescue drone technology.

Global Engineering Breakthrough
University of Leeds in the UK, UMASS in the US and Northwestern University in China engineers collaborated on this. Their system goes beyond the limitations of heat seeking cameras hampered by flames. It's technology from a new scanning device attached to a drone that uses harmless, long range radio waves to save lives in disaster situations.


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