1st Electric Sports Racing Plane

Airbus E-Plane Innovation
Source:  Airbus' White Lightning

Future of Flying Electric
At an Airbus sponsored air racing tournament, the world's first electric powered sports/racing aircraft was unveiled.  Airbus is the major developer behind it.  The company is looking to expand its green aerospace technology.  Their electric racing plane prototype is powered by an electric motor and lithium batteries up to speeds of 300 mph.

Green, Speed, Precision
This weekend French pilot Didier Esteyne flew the Airbus E-Fan prototype - named White Lightning - across the English Channel. Air Race E is partnering with Airbus on this.  The e-plane will be manufactured by Corda Aviation based in the UK.  The prototype system is impressive as the electric motor can hit 300 mph, in a tight 3 mile circuit, 10 meters above the ground.

International Races
The racing plane models have a big purpose.  They are designed to accelerate the era of electric commercial air travel and thereby dramatically cut jet fuel emissions.  Also, Air Race E plans to provide a forum for competition by starting the world's first all electric plane races with a series of international meets in 2020.


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