Important Innovations Collection: Saturn's Titan Moon & Life

NASA Discovery: Possibilities of Life on Saturn's Biggest Moon Titian

Source:  NASA Titan Moon Surface image

Does Life Exist Beyond Earth?
The images from NASA are mesmerizing.  This is the terrain of Titan, which is Saturn's largest moon.  There are oceans and lakes of liquid methane, vast plains and dunes of frozen organic material, which is the basis of life.  These are the first ever global geological maps of Titan, provided by NASA.  NASA scientists say they suggest the possibility of life of some form is possible on Titan. NASA has a Dragonfly mission with a drone to explore Titan in upcoming years,  For more details on the possibilities, go to Important Innovations Collection: Saturn's Titan Moon & Life: New Science from NASA - Possibility of Life on Titan, Saturn's Largest Moon Source:   NASA Jet Propulsion Lab Moonscapes, Science...


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