Ford's 1st All Electric SUV Preview

Iconic Mustang Brand Going Electric as SUV

Source:  Ford

The Mach E
Ford just announced, on the eve of the Los Angeles Auto Show, a big entry into the electric vehicle global war.  Ford's 1st all electric SUV is called the Mach E and it's a Mustang. Ford says it's designed on the Mustang and not just named after it. Mustang is one of Ford's most successful brands and it goes back to the 1960's.  The Mustang was a groundbreaking design that provided iconic styling, sportsmanship and affordability.  The last time a new version of the Mustang was produced goes back to 1964. Preview for the electric Mustang SUV is Sunday.

Mustang Appeal
Ford thinks that the Mustang  brand will bring a lot of consumer interest in electric, green vehicles particularly for SUV's which are among the most popular modes of transportation   The new Mach E will debut in LA on Sunday.  Following that, Ford will take reservations online for the Mustang Mach E.  It will be available in the US, Europe and Canada dealerships in the fall of 2020.  Ford is thinking consumers want to drive green, electric, SUV's and in a sporty brand that's been loved by generations.


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