Airbus Electric Hybrid Planes E-Flying

E-Hybrid Plans Ramping Up
Source:  Airbus. E-Thrust Concept Electric Hybrid Aircraft

Cleaner, Greener Flying
Airbus is moving forward on plans to produce hybrid electric planes for commercial use by 2035.  This is part of Airbus' major focus to develop and manufacture low emissions aircraft.  Global air travel spews millions of tons of carbon dioxide from jet fuel into the atmosphere.  Airbus CEO Guillaume Faury confirmed that he's moving ahead with the industry's first program to potentially develop and produce fleets of hybrid electric aircraft.  He confirmed his electric hybrid plane goals during a conversation with reporters this weekend.

E-Thrust Concept: Electric-Hybrid Flying Commitment with Greatly Reduced Emissions
Airbus' commitment to developing greener energy sources to power jets is clear.  In May, Airbus and SAS Scandinavian Airlines signed an agreement to partner on research for electric and hybrid aircraft designs.  Their E-Thrust concept is an example of the future of flying with a serial hybrid propulsion system.

Airbus A320neo
Airbus is looking to replace its big seller, A320neo, narrow body jets in the next 15 years.  Airbus going with the industry's first electric hybrid aircraft would be a major technological breakthrough for the global airline industry.  It would usher in the beginning of reducing utilization of jet fuel and cutting carbon dioxide emissions from the air.

Revolutionary Propulsion System
The European plane maker is growing in confidence about its revolutionary propulsion system with hybrid electric engines ready to power a new single aisle jet by 2035.  The company is expected to start with a smaller electric hybrid jet and work up to a full size jet that would be capable of carrying 240 people.  For free Kindle borrow of journalist Ed Kane's books on travel innovation and free listens and reads, go to


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