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Google's Futuristic Smart City in Toronto

Source:  City of Toronto

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Sidewalk Labs, owned by Google parent company Alphabet, just rolled out details on its smart city project in Toronto.  The extent of the technology being applied is phenomenal.  Some new details have just been released on the 12 acre site project, which has tentative approval from Waterfront Toronto, the agency overseeing the project.

Details and Highlights
  • Noise tracking monitors in apartments to eliminate noise pollution
  • Adaptive street designs
  • Responsive sounds to help the blind and visually impaired navigate
  • Infra-red sensors to count foot traffic in stores
  • Self-driving garbage cans with volume and optical sensors
  • Majority of services proposed have been implemented by Sidewalk Labs in city projects around the world
  • No facial recognition will be used
  • 60% of the services won't generate personal information and the personal data generated won't be shared with 3rd parties.
Sidewalk Perspectives
Sidewalk Labs view the project as a new tech hub in the Port Lands eastern waterfront district of Toronto.  A final vote giving the project 100% approval is set for March 2020.


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