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Search Dogs May Target COVID-19

Lab Scent Detection Dogs Being Trained Source:  UPENN Labs - AP University of Pennsylvania Innovative Program A team of 8 Labrador Retrievers are being trained to sniff out people  carrying the Coronavirus.  This  is an experimental pilot training program  being conducted at the renowned University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine and its Working Dogs Center.  Trained scent detection dogs have been successful in spotting types of cancer and bacterial infections. Search Dogs Trained search dogs work with the military and police departments globally to search out explosives, drugs and humans trapped in collapsed buildings.  They operate on their keen sense of smell. Scientists have discovered that people carrying the coronavirus emit a unique scent.  The dogs are being trained to detect the scent. Potential Uses Include Airport Screenings The Penn scientists believe the dogs would be particularly usefu

Good News in War Against COVID-19

Promising Oxford University Vaccine Source:  Gilead Sciences Successful Gilead Sciences Treatment In the war against COVID-19, some good news.  Gilead Sciences' remdesivir has shown improvement in patients taking it to treat the virus. That, according to Gilead's own study.  On top of that, testing by the National Institution of Allergy and Infectious Disease also gave the drug "positive data" results in their own testing.  This news raised hopes on Wall Street that a treatment/cure is near and that the economy may be able to open safely again.  At the start of trading, the DJIA shot up 400 points and Gilead shares were up 9.3%. Promising Vaccine Meanwhile, researchers at Oxford University in the UK say they could  have a COVID-19 vaccine ready for humans by the 4th quarter of this year. Their experimental vaccine has proven effective in protecting monkeys from the virus.  Monkeys given the vaccin

Online Tech On Pandemic Duties

Safe Chatting & Meetings by Video Calls Booms Source:  Zoom Communications Technology to the Rescue in the Pandemic The highly contagious coronavirus has shutdown global economies and businesses.  With a notable exception:  the much safer environment of staying in touch with family, co-workers and friends by online calls. The online video meeting business is zooming! An example is Zoom Video Communications. Zoom and Oracle Zoom is experiencing an avalanche of new business.  In fact, their business is up 30-fold from 10 million online meetings in December to 300 million now in late April 2020.  To accommodate the explosive growth in use, Zoom needed to rapidly and greatly expand its computer power. It has tapped into Oracle's cloud computing services.  Win-Win Industry experts are stunned by how  quickly the cloud service deal between Zoom and Oracle happened. They say, it seemed to develop overnight.  But, it&

US Defense Dept. & UFO's

Pentagon Releases Images of 3 UFO Incidents Source:  US Department of Defense Navy Now Has UFO Policy for Navy Pilots We live in very strange, out of this world times.  First, the global pandemic hits with unrelenting fury across the world.   Now there is evidence of Unidentified Flying Objects over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans spotted by US Navy pilots.  The images come from none other than the US Department of Defense.  The images have just been made public.  The Pentagon did so to show that the incidents are "real" and that the UFO's are still unidentified. Three Documented UFO Incidents The Pentagon has released still photos and unclassified videos of three separate UFO incidents taken by US Navy pilots.  One  incident took place in 2004,  involving 2 Navy jets and a US Navy ship.  The other two incidents happened in 2015. 2004 "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena" The Pentagon is calling

DARPA's Potential Treatment for COVID-19

Stop Gap Covid-19 Treatment Source:  DARPA Race to Stop COVID-19 in its Tracks The US Defense Department's Advanced Research Projects Agency - DARPA - has been given the green light to fast track "mission critical" programs to fight and defeat the coronavirus,  which has infected nearly 1 million Americans.  DARPA is a global epicenter of breakthrough innovation. It has created the internet, Artificial Intelligence, cloud computing and  much more. Unique Stop Gap Therapy in the Pipeline Right now, DARPA is working on a therapy - what they're calling a "firewall" - that would temporarily  protect someone from contracting the disease.  It is a stop-gap therapy for use before a vaccine is created, which is expected sometime in 2021 at the earliest. Firewall P3 Platform DARPA wants their P3 Platform therapy  to work immediately in the patient and last for six months.  DARPA has identifi