Solar Driveway to Charge EV & House

New Green Tech from Europe

Source: Platio

Solar Charging - Green Plus Green
From Europe, there's a new technology first.
A European Union funded company, Platio
of Budapest, Hungary, has just installed
the world's first solar driveway for
residential use.  The technology and
environmental concern behind this new
green energy technology is extraordinary.

The system consists of interlocking units
called Patio Solar pavers.  Each paver
is made from 400 recycled PET 
plastic bottles.  According to Platio, the 
pavers are more durable than concrete.

You can use the solar driveway pavers
for energy to power your electric car.  
Or the energy generated by the driveway 
can be fed back into your home's power
network to provide electricity to your
home.  The company claims a
20 square meter driveway will cover
the yearly energy consumption for the
average residential property.  
The pavers come in four colors
and are anti-slip so you can walk
on them.

Up and Running in Hungary
This new tech is up and running in Hungary.  
In Budapest, a 50 foot solar sidewalk is powering
an EV charging station.  It on benches
in an urban square to power digital boxes
for cellphone users to recharge their phones.
And it's powering streetlights.

Sustainable Architecture
The company calls their solar pavements
sustainable architecture.  It's space
saving, composed of recycled materials
and they say it's of "low operational
complexity." It can be installed on a
driveway, pavement, around office 
buildings and apartment complexes, on
balconies, terraces and patios. The
company was founded by three young 
engineers.  They're currently looking
for "resellers" in Europe and elsewhere.
No indication on their website about
what installation of the product costs.


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