US Defense Dept. & UFO's

Pentagon Releases Images of 3 UFO Incidents

Source:  US Department of Defense

Navy Now Has UFO Policy for Navy Pilots
We live in very strange, out of this
world times.  First, the global pandemic
hits with unrelenting fury across the world.  
Now there is evidence of Unidentified Flying Objects
over the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans
spotted by US Navy pilots.  The images
come from none other than the US Department
of Defense.  The images have just been
made public.  The Pentagon did so
to show that the incidents are "real" and that
the UFO's are still unidentified.

Three Documented UFO Incidents
The Pentagon has released still
photos and unclassified videos
of three separate UFO incidents
taken by US Navy pilots.  One 
incident took place in 2004, 
involving 2 Navy jets and a
US Navy ship.  The other two
incidents happened in 2015.

2004 "Unidentified Aerial Phenomena"
The Pentagon is calling the
incidents Unidentified Aerial
Phenomena.  The 2004 sighting
occurred 100 miles out over the
Pacific.  Two Navy pilots
videotaped a flying object 40 feet 
long and 50 feet above the ocean.
As the Navy planes approached,
the UFO made a rapid ascent.
According to one of the pilots, 
"accelerating like nothing I've
ever seen before."  The pilots
left the area and started flying
to a rendezvous point 60 miles
away.  Their Navy ship radioed
to them that the UFO was at
their destination point.  It had
traveled 60 miles in 1 minute.

2015 Incidents
The other two incidents that
occurred in 2015 involved
swarms of UFO's racing across
the sky and rotating in mid-air.
Five pilots reported seeing the
incidents over the Atlantic Ocean
from Virginia to Florida. The
US Defense Department released
the images to document the
existence of Unidentified Aerial
Phenomena.  The US Navy has
issued policy and instructions for
their pilots to follow, should they
have a close encounter with ET
and UFO's.

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