SpaceX's Global Cheap Internet Plan

Starlink Internet Satellites Launched into Orbit

Super:  SpaceX Falcon 9 Launch

Promise of Cheap, High Speed Internet Connectivity
Most of the world is at a standstill from
the pandemic. But, SpaceX appears to be operating
business as usual as it launched another batch of 
Starlink internet satellites into space.
60 broadband satellites were lifted into
space aboard a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket
from NASA's Kennedy Space Center yesterday.
The launch was on schedule and flawless.
The satellites are climbing into a low Earth
orbit of 340 miles above the ground.
This brings the total number of Starlink
satellites now in orbit to 400.

Multi-Billion Dollar Communications Business
SpaceX CEO Elon Musk has a vision.
He wants to place 40,000 Starlink satellites
in space in order to provide the entire globe with
cheap, high speed internet connectivity.  His vision
has the potential of generating billions of
dollars in revenue.  With the current batch of
400 satellites, Musk will start rolling out his
internet services to the US and Canada this year.
The satellites enable SpaceX to beam
internet directly to terminals that consumers
set-up in their homes and offices.  Add in 
that it promises to be a much cheaper internet
service, it's quite a compelling business

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