Running in Connected, Smart Shoes

Nike's Adapt Auto Max
Source:  Nike

Connectivity and Performance at the Next Level
Nike calls its new Nike Adapt Auto Max, their pinnacle 
offering that combines performance and connectivity.
The shoe is part of the Air Max line.
Adapt is the key word.  The shoe adapts to
the wearer's needs.  The shoe has some unique
  • FitAdapt technology that allows it to grow and scale with the wearer
  • You can loosen or tighten the shoe's fit with your Apple watch
  • You can adjust the power lacing using voice commands
  • New features are updated through the Nike Adapt App
  • The App creates two modes for the wearer: active sports & relaxation
  • Nike claims the shoe's personalization & responsiveness are immediate
Future of Fit
Nike considers Adapt as part of its "future of fit".  The shoe
is powered by a frictionless "digital utility" that makes it
responsive to the wearer, smarter and able to do more
things over time.  The shoe will launch this spring in
multiple colors.  No price was mentioned in the Nike 
press release.  For runners, the big question is how does
Adapt feel to run in with those thick mid-soles?

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