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Airtravel That's Quarantine-Free Again

  IATA Travel Pass                                                                                  Source:  IATA Moving Toward Quarantine Free Travel The global airline industry is launching a free, new app to help passengers get back to quarantine-free travel.  It's called the IATA Travel Pass and is being spearheaded by the International Air Transportation Association or IATA, on behalf of its 290 airline members. Digital Identity The app provides four primary functions: Global registry of health requirements for each country so that passengers know what they need to provide to enter their destination Global registry of testing and vaccination centers so passengers can make an appointment before their departure to the destination Lists of authorized labs and test centers that securely share test and vaccination certificates with passengers through the app Digital identity for contactless travel, including digital passport, sharing and receiving of COVID tests and vaccinations an

Blind Runner Runs Independently with App

  Google App, Smartphone, AI & a Runner's Determination                                             Source:  Thomas Panek's 5K Blind Runner Does 5K Run With No Human or Dog Assistance This is a news story that is so uplifting! A blind runner, in New York City, ran a 5K or 3.1 miles in Central Park without a guide dog or any human help.  He did it on his own with navigation provided by artificial intelligence through his headphones connected to his smartphone.  The runner is Thomas Panek, who is a well known blind person dedicated to running and also to running his Guiding Eyes for the Blind, that trains guide dogs to assist the blind.  Panek is an innovator and adventurer who just keeps on pushing the limits of his own successes.  Those successes have a great deal of application to all of us. Personal Journey to Google Panek is 50 years old.  He lost his vision in his early twenties from a rare genetic condition.  As I runner, I can't imagine what it is like for him to

Running in Connected, Smart Shoes

Nike's Adapt Auto Max Source:  Nike Connectivity and Performance at the Next Level Nike calls its new Nike Adapt Auto Max, their pinnacle  offering that combines performance and connectivity. The shoe is part of the Air Max line. Adapt is the key word.  The shoe adapts to the wearer's needs.  The shoe has some unique features: FitAdapt  technology that allows it to grow and scale   with the wearer You can loosen or tighten the shoe's fit with your Apple watch You can adjust the power lacing using voice commands New features are updated through the Nike Adapt App The App creates two modes for the wearer: active sports & relaxation Nike claims the shoe's personalization & responsiveness are immediate Future of Fit Nike considers Adapt as part of its "future of fit".  The shoe is powered by a frictionless "digital utility" that makes it responsive to the wearer, smarter and able to do more things over time.  The

Rome's Innovative Recycling Program

Metro Travel Tickets for Plastic Bottle Recycling Source:  Rome Metro Expanding Environmental Initiative to Reduce Plastic Dumping in the Eternal City Rome is setting a new, global environmental standard that's very practical and doable.  It's offering free Metro tickets to travelers who recycle plastic bottles by using machines set-up in three Rome Metro train stations.  The system is scalable, expandable and is working. 350,000 Recycled Bottles and Counting The program is so popular that 350,000 bottles have been recycled since July 2019.  Rome's public transit company ATAC is now extending the program across the entire Metro network and letting it run through July 2020. Works by Simplicity To participate commuters need to download an app into their mobile phone.  The app counts the number of bottles the person has put into the recycling machines and then registers the number of Metro tickets they've earned.  As an example, 30 bottles equate to a ticket

Polaroid Photos from Digital Images

New Polaroid Lab Device Source:  Polaroid Lab From the Cloud to the Real World Polaroid Lab has invented a device that enables you to turn digital images from your smartphone to instant Polaroid photos. These are hard copy photos from digital images that you can put in a photo album or place on your fridge to remind you of the "Polaroid moment". Elegantly Simple The new device is simple to use.  You select an image from your phone using a companion app.  Then, you place the phone with the selected digital image face down on the Polaroid device.  You push a button and with a combination of light, mirrors and Polaroid "chemistry" the system gives you an instant photo copy of the digital image.  This takes your digital photos from the Cloud back to the real world as tangible photos. It's full circle technology.

Healthifyme - Digital Weight Loss Platform

Counting Calories App Source:  Healthifyme Coaching from the Cloud Based in India, Healthifyme is a digital weight loss platform that provides fitness and weight services.  Developed for Android and iOS platforms, the app provides calorie and water tracking and on the cloud fitness coaching.  The company is gearing up to launch Ria 2.0, its personal AI assistant that can make dietary recommendations and calculate calories on the spot.  The app has a paid version where, for instance, you can chat with nutritionists and health coaches to help maximize your results. Global Expansion The innovative technology company is expanding globally.  It's in Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, Singapore and planning to enter Saudi Arabia soon.  The device takes into account age, weight, goals, pre-existing medical conditions and recommends customized "smart meal plans". The company plans to integrate Ria with Google Assistant and Alexa this year.