Airtravel That's Quarantine-Free Again

 IATA Travel Pass

                                                                     Source:  IATA

Moving Toward Quarantine Free Travel

The global airline industry is launching a free, new app to help passengers get back to quarantine-free travel.  It's called the IATA Travel Pass and is being spearheaded by the International Air Transportation Association or IATA, on behalf of its 290 airline members.

Digital Identity

The app provides four primary functions:

  • Global registry of health requirements for each country so that passengers know what they need to provide to enter their destination
  • Global registry of testing and vaccination centers so passengers can make an appointment before their departure to the destination
  • Lists of authorized labs and test centers that securely share test and vaccination certificates with passengers through the app
  • Digital identity for contactless travel, including digital passport, sharing and receiving of COVID tests and vaccinations and management of other travel documents, all on the phone through the app.

Rolling Out In Late March

The free app can be downloaded for IOS and Android launch in late March.  It starts with a pilot program with Singapore Airlines and then rolls out in twenty more airlines.  IATA hopes the app will help to reopen borders and get the world flying again.


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