Uber's Big Expansion of EVs

Uber's Major Commitment to EVs and Hybrid Vehicles For 0 To Low Emissions

                                Source:  Uber Electric Vehicles

More Than 1400 Cities in North America Involved

Ride sharing company Uber is expanding its electric car and hybrid vehicle ride service.  It will be offered in more than 1400 cities in North America.  The cities include Miami, New York City, Washington, DC, Houston, Tucson, Calgary and Winnipeg.  The company says drivers can rent zero emissions vehicles through their partner Avis.  The service is available in Los Angeles but it is being rolled out nationally this year.

Green Goals

By 2040, Uber wants all of its vehicles in its global ride sharing service to be electric.  It is also contributing through 2025 $800 million as incentives to help drivers switch to electric vehicles.  This Green Trips program includes discounts on electric vehicles bought or leased through Uber partner automakers.  Uber is clearly encouraging drivers to take green trips.


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