Boston Dynamics Spot - Upgraded

 Spot Now Has an Awesome Robotic Arm

  Source: Boston Dynamics: Spot Doing Chores & Flipping a Switch

The New Spot Enterprise

Boston Dynamics Spot RoboDog is famous and beloved globally for its capabilities.  Spot is on duty as a home  and office helper, worker on oil rigs and construction sites and as a social distancer for COVID protection, among many other of its capabilities. Boston Dynamics, now majority owned by Hyundai, has just given Spot a very impressive upgrade.  The new Spot Enterprise has remote operating capabilities, a self-charging deck and most interestingly a new robotic arm that enables some amazing capabilities.

Look At What Spot Can Do

Spot is now even more useful.  With its new arm, it can perform tasks like picking towels and throwing them into a basket on its back for the laundry.  The robot can plant vegetables and flowers in a garden, clean a room, operate industrial switches and valves and do a fun thing like writing chalk messages in a driveway.  The new Spot Enterprise is so dexterous, it can even jump rope that is swung by an older Spot.  The salient point about Spot is its incredible robotic versatility, usefulness and intelligence that continues to be expanded.

Robotic Arm Technology

The new robotic arm technology is impressive.  The arm can open, shut and rotate to a degree that it can lift, carry, throw, drop and place many types of objects. Boston Dynamics has not announced the price of Spot Enterprise.  But,  the previous generation of Spot can be ordered for $74,500.  That is not priced for many households, but a number of companies are ordering it for dangerous work in mines, nuclear power plants, construction sites and elsewhere to keep humans out of harm's way.


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