Sports Star Steph Curry Invests in Books

 Golden State's Curry Invests In Literati Subscription Book Co.

                                        Source:  Literati

Curry, Richard Branson, Malala Lead "Luminaries Book Clubs

Basketball superstar Steph Curry is a big believer in deep innovation in books.  He and several venture capitalists are investing $40 million in Austin, TX based Literati to further develop deep product and technological innovations in books.  Curry and several funding sources are playing a major financial role in Literati's expansion of book clubs.  Literati is already the biggest book club for children in the US.  It is growing at 300% per year.  With the new funding, the company plans to develop what it calls "deep innovation" in books

Literati Kids

The funding will allow Literati to develop deep innovation in reading experiences for kids.  The innovations will include product designs, the use of algorithms and data science to key-in on children's interests, online infrastructure and enhancing the young readers' experience.  Literati Kids is a subscription book service.  It offers a unique try before you buy book club service for kids 12 years old and under.  Basketball player Curry is investing in it because you "can create better lives, one book at a time".  Curry adds he's also doing it because he is a father and an entrepreneur.

Promoting Lifelong Learning

Literati was founded in 2017 by entrepreneur Jessica Ewing.  It's a highly innovative literature brand with a goal of promoting lifelong learning.  The company provides for book lovers a platform that connects diverse communities online to have book discussions. Book club members get a print book every month and access to Literati's app where members and authors discuss the monthly book selection.

Luminaries Book Clubs

Now with the additional funding, Literati will also expand its book clubs for adults and its Luminaries Book Club.  Among those with their own "Luminaries Book Clubs" are 2 time NBA MVP Steph Curry, Virgin Galactic's Sir Richard Branson and Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai.  These book clubs are curated and being expanded for adult readers.  It's a whole new, innovative approach to being a book lover.


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