Nike Handsfree, Lace-less Sneakers

 GO Flyease Slips onto Your Feet

Source: Nike

Nike Redefining the Mechanics of Shoes

Nike has invented the world's 1st hands-free, no laces sneaker.  It is designed to make shoes more accessible and easy to put on for everyone, including those with arthritic hands or stroke victims who have lost use of their hands.  The GO Flyease sneaker has a patent pending hinge embedded in the outersole that enables the wearer to put it on their feet without having to use their hands.  Nike says they have literally redefined the mechanics of shoes with the GO.  They expect the sneaker to have wide appeal because of the ease of putting it on.  They also plan on further developing it for sports.

Shoe With a History

The shoe goes back to 2008 when then Nike CEO Mike Parker learned that Nike's first employee has suffered a stroke and lost use of one hand.  Parker asked Nike's lead designer to make a hands-free shoe.  Nine years later, a prototype shoe that could be zipped on with one hand and secured by velcro was given as a gift to the employee.  Now 13 years of development later, the GO is going to market in 2021.

Revolutionary Technology

Nike has revolutionized shoe technology to create the GO.  It is essentially two shoes in one.  When not on your foot, the front and back of the sneaker tilt 30 degrees.  That is accomplished by a patent pending bi-stable hinge in the shoe's outersole.  The hinge prompts the shoe up for the wearer to easily slide into it.  When you step into the sneaker, the hinge automatically snaps shut and you're in a cushioned sneaker.  Taking off the shoe is also handsfree with a "kickstand heel" in the back that slides the sneaker off.

Big Sports Applications

Nike calls the GO an everyday lifestyle sneaker with extraordinary technology.  It's priced at $120.00.  Nike has big plans for this technology.  They expect to adapt it for running, basketball and other athletic uses.  In fact, they want to customize and innovate the technology to the needs of extraordinary athletes like the LA Lakers LeBron James.


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