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Journalist Edward Kane's 6 Latest Publications

Wanted to make you aware of several new books on the biggest, new global innovations and inventions that journalist Edward Kane recently published on Amazon and Kindle.  Included are links for a free look.  Many of these books were #1 New Releases on Amazon.

Innovations for Gen Z & Beyond   The book showcases exciting new innovations in sports, consumer electronics, electric bike & e-scooter travel, education and much more.

Inventions For The 2020's Part 1 - Consumer Electronics, Robots, Medical

Inventions For The 2020's Part 2 - Gadgets, Electric, Hydrogen & Autonomous Vehicles, the Environment & Energy

Asia: The Innovation Superpower - Latest Top Innovations from Asia

Europe:  The Global Innovation Leader - Innovations 2020's

USA:  The Innovation Superstar - Latest Big Innovations

I co-authored the books with Ed.


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