Supercomputers & Advanced WX Forecasting

 Hewlett Packard & Oak Ridge National Lab

                                                                            Source: NASA

One of the World's Most Advanced Weather Forecasting Systems

With the back to back, forecast-defying storms we've been getting in North America and elsewhere in the world, the prospect of much more precise weather forecasting is of great appeal.  Hewlett Packard Enterprises just announced that it is helping the US Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Lab build and utilize a pair of extremely high performance supercomputers to model and forecast the weather with much greater precision.  The system is primarily for the US Air Force's Weather Service for global military operations.

Supercomputer Weather Forecasts

The supercomputers are operating at the Oak Ridge National Lab and are powered by HP's Cray EX technology.  They even have names "Miller" and "Fawbush".  The two computers can process data at speeds 6.5 times faster than the military's existing weather system.  

Super Fast & Super Precise Weather Models & Information

USAF researchers use solar and atmospheric data to provide weather intelligence to US military operations worldwide. The new supercomputer system will accelerate and refine the precision of the weather intelligence.  The USAF Weather Service provides what they call "high fidelity" forecasts to meet the operational needs of the USAF, US Army, the US Space Force and other customers.  One would expect that the technology will also impact civilian weather forecasts.


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