Advanced Tech With Big Learning Impact

 New Tech Education Tools

                      Source: Online Class During COVID

On-Demand Learning

Artificial intelligence and virtual reality are predicted to have a profound impact on how children and adults learn and absorb new information.  New research suggests the big benefit is that the new technologies have the capability to personalize from data analysis the specific educational content and needs for individual students. Experts say with the prevalence of virtual remote learning due to COVID-19,  artificial intelligence and virtual reality have the potential of disrupting the traditional models of both teaching and learning for the greater good.

Big Data Driven

With the help of big data, these new technologies can track individual and group learning patterns.  And based on the data and analysis, they can create customized tools to solve individual students' learning issues and opportunities for teachers to implement.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technologies

This is an exciting new area of technology that is starting to be applied to education and is expected to boom.  AR and VR push more traditional learning into more immersive zones of learning experience.  By constructing digital environments, students can, for example, travel with peers into virtual concerts or virtual classrooms  for instructions around the world.  Using VR and AR, they can perform scientific experiments or medical students can perform virtual surgery on a digital platform without any risk. It is a brand new, virtual means of experimenting and learning in risk-free digital environments for eventual use in the real world.

On Demand Education

On-demand learning is another megatrend of importance to kids, parents and educators. Experts say this will accelerate in use and give students the power to determine what, when, where and how they learn, while traditional brick and mortar schools will begin to become less dependent on their geographic locations and can serve larger groups of students and flourish online.  This is the future of education enabled by new technologies.  From the adversity of the COVID pandemic, new technologies are opening new avenues of educational opportunities. 


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