Connected Classroom = Academic Win

 New Type of Classroom: Multiple Displays, Virtual, Connected

Source:  Virtual Classroom

New Research for Students & Schools

During the COVID-19 pandemic, most US schools, colleges and universities have taken an online and hybrid approach to teaching students.  Another more connected, virtual classroom model has emerged.  A new research study just published in Elsevier suggests that students work best and achieve more when multiple screens and collaborative technology bring them together in virtual and hybrid classrooms.  The study found that the technological combination deeply impacts and improves academic performance.

Multiple Screens Make The Difference

Multiply displays enables the teachers and students to easily see each other and engage in classroom discussions.  And experts suggest that this model can be easily accomplished in classrooms.  According to eSchool News, schools should use their latest budget friendly display projectors and presentation solutions.  This will allow them to "affordably transition to the new model and create a cohesive environment for everyone."

Recommended Configuration

The research found that the best configuration of technology to create the virtual classroom is this.  Online students were on 4 projector screens with 4 students on each screen positioned at the back of the classroom.  Rather than each student appearing on a single small laptop screen, the students appeared large and humanlike on the projector screens. Through the technology, they appeared to be physically right there.  The system also allows the teacher to gauge each student's engagement and reactions.  Also cameras are set up and focused on the teacher to ensure that online students can see the teacher at all times.  

COVID-19 World

Because of COVID-19, it's a new world.  This is a look at technology fostering the online learning experience for both students and teachers. The study's purpose was to find the best means to offer all students - remote, online and in class - the same, effective learning experience.  The researchers say this system does that.


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